Test Design Studio has long offered the ability to modify the fonts and colors used by the editing control.  This is done by selecting ‘Tools –> Options’ from the main menu, expanding the ‘Environment’ node and selecting ‘Fonts and Colors’.


Until now, however, there was never a way to change the background of the text editor from the system default settings provided by the Windows theme in use.  Many users have requested the ability to create a “dark” editing environment, and now you can!  The screen shot below shows what is now possible with the new customization options:


This was achieved by the addition of the following new entries in the “Fonts and Colors” list:

  1. Text Area Background – Normal background color of the editor
  2. Text Area Background (Disabled) – Background color of the editor when editing is disabled (i.e. read-only)
  3. User Margin Background – Background color of the user margin (i.e. the area where icons are displayed for language elements)
  4. Selection Margin Background – Background color of the selection margin (i.e. the area where outlining indicators are displayed)
  5. Outlining Indicator – The Foreground color controls the border and lines of the outlining node, while the background color determines the background of the expand/collapse indicator.
  6. Line Numbers – While not a new entry, the “Background Color” is now supported to control the background of the line number margin.


We hope you enjoy this new level of customization that is coming in the next release (expected by mid-February).