The next release of Test Design Studio 2 will introduce a new feature: column guides.


In the screenshot above, you can see a red line displayed vertically at column position 120.  These guides help serve as a visual aid to avoid lines of code that are potentially too long.  The longer a line, the more horizontal scrolling someone must perform in order to see all the content.  While comments are generally accepted as long lines, long statements can lead to difficult comprehension of code.

This new setting is activated by selecting “Tools –> Options” from the main menu and locating the desired file language:


You can toggle the column guide and its position for each supported language, or use the “All Languages” setting to make the value consistent.

You can also control the color.  Within the same options menu, navigate to “Environment / Fonts and Colors”.


The “Column Guide” display item will allow you to change the color.  You can use the same color for all editors, or pick a different color for individual editors.

This is an example of a user-requested feature that has now been implemented in the product.  You can always share your ideas as well!