This feature is primarily targeted for use with Enumerations (a.k.a. Enum), but everything you see below will also work with Boolean values since it, too, has a pre-defined list of values (i.e. True or False).  Support for Enum’s is something unique to Test Design Studio that you cannot find in QuickTest® Professional!

NOTE: This feature will be available in the next build of Test Design Studio

We have always supported the ability to setup the parameters of a method with an Enum list so that, when typing the arguments for your method call, you would be presented with a member list of available values for that parameter based on the associated Enum.  We are happy to report that this option is now available when performing an assignment operation or equality comparison.

In the screen shot below, you can see an example of this feature.  At the top of our script, we have defined an Enum for a series of strings called “Color”.  Later, we declare a variable and use the XML comments to designate that this variable is expected to hold the values of the “Color” Enum instead of being treated as a normal string.

With this configuration in place, the Member List of available values is immediately displayed when you press "Space" after an "Equals" sign.  You can also manually display the Member List (i.e. “CTRL+SPACE” for the Complete Word operation) of available values to assign to this variable.  This feature can help ensure you are assigning the appropriate values.


The same feature is available when using the equals sign to do an equality comparison instead of assignment as shown below:


If you do not want to see the Enum-specific Member List, simply repeat the “CTRL+SPACE” shortcut command to toggle between the default Member List and the Enum-specific Member List.

Defining and using Enums is a feature unique to Test Design Studio that can easily help you ensure you are using data correctly.  If you are not already using them, now is a great time to take a second look at the feature.

You can find more details about how to define an Enum in our on-line help.

This feature comes to you courtesy of a request from a user!  We always strive to incorporate the features that are important to the users of our product, so we encourage you to keep those feature requests coming.  All ideas are welcome!  This feature was incorporated and made available to the user in less than 24 hours from receiving the request.  We cannot promise that all features can be added or that you will have the same turnaround, but we hope you take this example as an indicator that we are serious about keeping our users happy.  When is the last time you remember getting support like that from a software company!? Smile