Test Design Studio has a macro feature that allows you to record a series of edits made in a document.  You can then playback that macro at any time to repeat the same edits.  As macros are recorded, they are stored in the Toolbox tool window.

While you can always execute the macros from the Toolbox, sometimes you want to execute the commands without taking your hands off the keyboard.  The next release of Test Design Studio 2 will make this possible.

New Macros Commands

Test Design Studio also has an extensive command system that cimagean be used to customize toolbars and assign keyboard shortcuts to commands.  By selecting “Tools –> Customize” from the main menu, you can access the powerful command system.

The new commands are under the “Tools” category and are called “Run Macro 1” through “Run Macro 10”.  You can find these commands on the “Commands” tab if you want to add one of the commands to a menu or toolbar.  Simply drag the command (e.g. “Run Macro 1”) and drop it where you want it on a menu or toolbar.


Perhaps more importantly, you can also assign keyboard shortcuts to each command on the “Keyboard” tab of the “Customize” dialog.  The full name of each command is “Tools.RunMacro1” through “Tools.RunMacro10”.  If you type “RunMacro” in the “Show commands containing” textbox, the command list will be filtered to only include the “RunMacro” commands.

Once you find the command to which you want to assign the keyboard shortcut, click the “Press shortcut key(s)” to place focus on that textbox and then type your shortcut using the keyboard.  The shortcut you type will be displayed in the textbox.  If you like what you see, press the “Assign” button to assign the shortcut.




Assign Macro Command to a Macro

imageTo tie everything together, you must now assign one of the ten macro commands to the desired macro.  The assignment is done by right-clicking the desired macro in the Toolbox tool window and expanding the “Assign to Command” menu.

Pick one of the available command slots to assign to the macro.  If the command is already assigned to another macro, the name of that macro will be reflected in the menu.

Once assigned, any time the command is executed, the corresponding macro will be played in the current editor document (assuming a document is open that supports macros).

This feature was the direct request of a Test Design Studio user that we are happy to make available to everyone.  If you have an idea for how the tool can serve you better, let us know and we might be able to make it happen!