The ‘Start Page’ for Test Design Studio includes the ability to display an RSS feed of relevant information.  By default, this feed is based on our general Test Design Studio news feed located here:

You have always had the ability to change this to any RSS feed you like.  If you want to follow new blog entries, you could change your RSS feed to that of our blog, which is:

To do so, select ‘Tools –> Options’ from the main menu.  On the ‘Options’ dialog, navigate to ‘Environment –> Startup’ to see the options for the startup page.  Enter the above URL for the RSS feed and Test Design Studio will change to the new feed.


Click ‘OK’ and the start page will be updated.

NOTE: The content available from the Blog RSS feed is more feature rich than the standard news feed, and the extra formatting will not all be processed for display on the Start Page.  Even so, you can easily grab the headlines and view the basic content before clicking the URL to jump to the full page.