Activities Tool Window


Activities define the steps to be executed by your Process. Opening a web page, clicking a button, and verifying content are all done with Activities.

Browsing Activities

The list of Activities is growing rapidly as the product matures. When you launch AutoBloks, the Activities tool window can be used to browse the selection of available Activities.

Activities are organized by categories to help make them easier to find as the collection grows. Select any Activity and the Activity Description panel at the bottom of the tool window will describe the Activity along with the details of any Input and Output Parameters.

You can right-click anywhere in the Activities tool window and select the Show Activity Description command to toggle the visibility of the Activity Description panel.

Adding Activities to a Process

To add an activity to an open Process, simply drag the activity from the Activities tool window and drop it at the desired location in the Activity Calls List. This will insert a new Activity Call. Refer to the Activity Calls topic for more details about how to interact with Activities and provide the Instructions they need to execute.

If you find yourself frequently using the same Activity, you can pin it to your Favorites. This special category is at the top of the Activities tool window for consistent access. Simply right-click any activity and select Pin to Favorites from the context menu.

Not Finding What You Need?

We are here for you! We have started with the most basic Activities and will continue to grow the list. If you have a need for ANY activity that is not currently available, please e-mail support and let us know what you need. We plan to iterate quickly on this product, and most Activities will not be a heavy development effort.

The sooner you let us know, the sooner you can automate with that Activity!