Custom Selenium WebDriver


AutoBloks utilizes Selenium WebDriver to interact with web browsers. To work with individual browser types, you must have a compatible version of the corresponding WebDriver. AutoBloks ships with support for the most recent browser versions, but you may find that you need to use a different version.

For example, it is not uncommon for enterprise environments to deploy older versions of Google Chrome, and the Chrome WebDriver is not always compatible with older versions of the browser.

Define WebDriver Folder

AutoBloks allows you to specify a folder location that is preferred for WebDriver binaries. This folder will always be check for a WebDriver first, and, if one exists, that instance of WebDriver will be used instead of the one deployed with AutoBloks.

Execute the following steps to define a preferred folder for WebDriver:

  1. Choose a location for where you want to store WebDriver binaries. This example will use C:\WebDriver, but you can choose any location.
  2. Select File on the Ribbon Command Bar.
  3. Select Options from the backstage menu. This will open the Options dialog.
  4. Select Selenium from the list of categories on the left.
  5. Set Preferred driver path to the folder location from Step #1 (e.g. C:\WebDriver)

Download Compatible WebDriver

The central resource for popular WebDriver downloads is maintained at Selenium HQ. The following links are available for relevant browser versions. If any link is broken, please visit Selenium HQ.

Place the downloaded WebDriver in the Preferred driver path configured above and restart AutoBloks to use the new driver.