Error List


The Error List tool window allows you to view any Errors, Warnings, or Messages generated by the available Rules.

Screenshot Error List Tool Window


The toolbar at the top of the Error List window allows you to filter which items are displayed. Errors, Warnings, and Messages can each be toggled on or off. You may also limit all messages to only those found in the Current Document (i.e. the selected document) or Open Documents for all documents that are currently open.

When not selected, the tool window tab for the Error List will fade in and out with a red tint if it contains any Error messages that meet the current filter settings, so you will always know if there are errors that need your attention.

Go To Location

Most messages in the Error List will be generated based on data you have entered or other configuration settings you have made. Right-click any item and select Go To Location from the context menu (or simply double-click the item) and, if supported by that item, the application will navigate to the relevant location which generated the message.

Getting Help

Most messages in the Error List will have a Help page associated with them. When available, you can click on the Code or right-click and select Show Help from the context menu to open a Help page in your browser. These pages will provide more information about the rule and offer suggestions for how to resolve any problems.