Rules are used by AutoBloks to detect errors and warnings in how the application is being used. Errors typically indicate that playback will fail if the problem is not resolved, while Warnings will raise awareness to potential problems that might need to be addressed.

Any Errors, Warnings, and Messages generated by rules can be viewed in the Error List tool window.


The following rules are currently available:

AB0100Call activities correctly
AB0101Populate element identification
AB0102Populate required arguments
AB0103Populate restricted arguments correctly
AB0104Use output arguments correctly
AB0105Populate process identification
AB0110Use expression syntax correctly
AB0111Variables must exist for expressions
AB0112Format data types correctly
AB0113Image identification files must exist
AB0114Process identification files must exist
AB0115Process must be valid
AB0116Activity library files must exist
AB0117Activity libraries must be valid
AB0118User activities must be referenced
AB0119Activities must be available
AB0201Start and stop timers correctly
AB0301Environment variable files should be valid

Have a Rule Idea?

If you have an idea for a rule we could implement to improve your experience with the product, please e-mail support and let us know. Your idea can make the product better for everyone!