Watch List


The Watch tool window allows you to enter any Expression and see the resulting value.

Screenshot Watch Tool Window

Note: The example screenshot above is from a pre-release version of AutoBloks and may differ slightly from the current product.

The primary use case for the Watch list is to monitor Expressions and their changing values as you Playback a Process. As each Activity Call is executed, the values in the Watch list will refresh their values.

If the value of a watch item changes from one Activity Call to the next, red text will be used to display the value in order to draw attention to the change. This makes it easy to have several items in the Watch list and still be able to easily track changes in value during the run.

Add a Watch Item

There are several ways to add a new expression to the Watch list.

Removing a Watch Item

Any of the following techniques can be used to remove an Expression from the Watch list: