AutoBloks Tutorial


AutoBloks is a tool whose goal is to enable any user to easily automate simple tasks. The first versions of the software will focus on interacting with web pages. The tutorials presented here will introduce you to the software and guide you step-by-step through the creation of an automated process.

Many tutorials builds upon the steps of the one that came before it. They are designed to be completed in order, but each tutorial will allow you to download any completed files from the previous tutorial so you can easily pick up that topic or repeat a tutorial where you would like to reinforce a concept.

Google Search Series

This series of tutorials will utilize Google's iconic search page to initiate a search. In this series, you will learn the basic concepts to create your first automated process.

Tutorial 1 - Getting Started

This tutorial starts at the beginning and provides a foundational understanding of the tool so you can begin your automation journey. In this tutorial you will learn to install and configure the tool, create a new process, add activity calls, and run your process.

Tutorial 2 - Interacting with Elements

This tutorial builds on Tutorial 1 - Getting Started to extend your automation Process by calling Activities that interact with elements on the web page. Element interaction is a key aspect of automating any user interface, and this tutorial will guide you through the basic process.

Tutorial 3 - Using Variables for Data

This tutorial builds on the Tutorial 2 - Interacting with Elements tutorial to enhance your automated Process with variables instead of hard-coded values.

Tutorial 4 - Controlling Playback

Coming Soon

Advanced Tutorial - Using Browser Development Tools

This advanced tutorial is a supplement to Tutorial 2 - Interacting with Elements and shows an advanced method of identifying elements instead of using the built-in identification tools provided by AutoBloks.