Understanding Activities

Activities Tool Window

Activities Tool Window


Activities define the available actions you can perform, so they are the fundamental building blocks to creating an automated process. Opening a web page, clicking a button, and verifying content are all done with Activities. Each Activity is built with a single purpose in mind, and it is the combination of these individual activities that allow you to create sophisticated automated processes.

Browsing Available Activities

By default, the Activities tool window will be docked to the left side of the application window. Activities are organized by categories. Take a moment to scroll through the list and look at the available Activities. Select any Activity and the Activity Description panel at the bottom of the tool window will describe the Activity along with the details of any Parameters.


Most Activities allow you to pass data that will be used during execution. Data are passed to an Activity through Input Parameters. If you need to set the value of a text box, for example, you would use the Set value Activity and specify the new text through the Value input parameter.

Some Activities will also return data after processing which are managed through Output Parameters. For example, the Get value activity allows you to read the current text entered in a text box which is then passed back through the Value Output Parameter. Data you receive from an Output Parameter can be stored and used later as an Input Parameter for another Activity.

Not all Parameters are required, and many Parameters exist to allow you to customize how an Activity is performed. The Click Activity, for example, does not require you to populate any Input Parameters. By default, that Activity will perform a single click at the center of an element using the left mouse button. If you needed to double-click the element instead, the ClickCount Input Parameter can be set to 2. If you need to right click instead of left click, the MouseButton Input Parameter can be set to RIGHT.

User Activities

In addition to the built-in activities, you can also create your own user-defined activities! Any repetitive action can be created as a User Activity and will be available side-by-side with built-in activities.

More Activities Coming!

We are here for you! The Activities list is growing with each release, but we may not have everything covered for you. If you have a need for ANY Activity that is not currently available, please e-mail support and let us know what you need. We plan to iterate quickly on this product, and most Activities will not be a heavy development effort.

The sooner you let us know, the sooner you can automate with that Activity!