Running Your First Process


Now that you have created your Process, it's finally time to Run it! If you have not already done so, open the Process you created in the previous steps of the tutorial.

Initiate the Run

AutoBloks Ribbon with Run Instructions

  1. Select the Browser to be used for playback.
  2. When you are ready, click the Run button. This will open the Run Process dialog.

Run Process Dialog

  1. Since there is no need to save these results, select the option to Use a temporary results folder. When using Temporary results, the data is deleted when you close the application.
  2. Make sure Open results after the run is checked as this will automatically open the results when the run completes.
  3. Click the Run button to continue.

Playback Considerations

When running your Process, it is recommended that you do not interact with your system unless prompted to do so by the application. Some Activities rely on precise keyboard or mouse emulation and may not playback correctly if you are also using the input devices at the same time.

View the Results

After your Process completes running, the Results will be displayed as a new Document Window.

AutoBloks Run Results Screenshot

  1. The Title area of the Results displays the Process name and the date/time of execution.
  2. The Summary area provides key metrics for the run. The Pass percentage of 100% indicates our Process completed successfully.
  3. The Activity Calls list shows the details of each Activity Call. The top entry in the list (Tutorial1 in this screenshot) represents the entire Process.
  4. The Details area will display detailed information about the currently selected entry in the Activity Calls list (3).

Taking a closer look at the Navigate to URL Activity Call:

AutoBloks Run Results with Activity Call Screenshot

  1. Select the Navigate to URL Activity Call
  2. Note that the Status of Completed is indicated for the Activity Call.
  3. The value provided for the Url Arguments is clearly defined.

Completed vs. Passed Status

We are very intentional to only use a status of Pass or Fail for Activities that perform a test. Any Activity that that does not explicitly test something will result in a status of Completed if successful, or Error if unsuccessful. Since the Navigate to URL Activity does not test anything, a successful outcome is reflected as Completed.

For the purpose of calculating Pass percentage, both Completed and Passed status are considered passing.

Tutorial Summary

You have now completed the steps for this tutorial! During this tutorial, you should have learned:

If you are unclear about any of these topics, we encourage you to go back and review the steps of the tutorial.