Patterson Consulting is Closing

Patterson Consulting, LLC of Tennessee is in the process of closing and all operations will cease effective March 1, 2022. Please refer to our company page or FAQ for details.

Revision History

Version 4.5 (Build 7221) - July 25, 2018:

Usability, performance, and reliability updates. Notable items listed below:

  • New
    New '-Analyze' command-line argument allows you to trigger code analysis and export the results from the command-line without the UI.
  • New
    Added definitions for WpfCalendar
  • New
    Incremental Search help topic added
  • Fixed
    Adjusted how the naming convention rules engine matches regular expressions, and updated the built-in rules files to match the new engine.

Version 4.5 (Build 7220) - June 16, 2018:

The first maintenance release for TDS 4.5. Say "goodbye" to .NET Framework 3.5, and "hello" to some new editing commands:

  • New
    New commands for 'Move to Next Declaration' and 'Move to Previous Declaration' (default keyboard shortcuts 'Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow' and 'Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow') that will advance to the next/previous declaration in the same file.
  • New
    The requirement for .NET Framework 3.5 has been removed after reworking some assemblies that relied on the older version. This makes installation on Windows 10 much cleaner.
  • New
    Code analyse rule CA0109 (which reports missing arguments on a method call) now includes the parameter signature of the method if it does not have multiple overloads.
  • New
    We adjusted the default settings for building documentation to default to the web instead HTML Help Compiler (since that is a separate download).
  • New
    The Documenter Wizard now a link to a help topic on how to download HTML Help Workshop.
  • New
    Added icon to 'ALM Refresh Source Control Status' command.

Version 4.5 (Build 7219) - Mar 19, 2018:

First release of TDS 4.5! This release includes a lot of back end updates for performance and reliability in addition to the following noted changes:

  • New
    TDS now requires .NET Framework 4.5.2. Previously required .NET Framework 4.5.0, but that version is no longer supported by Microsoft.
  • New
    UI and back end updates to tool windows: Solution Explorer, Error List, Task List, Bookmarks, Find and Replace, Code Metrics, Find Results
  • New
    Search Solution Explorer. Use this feature to filter the view of what is displayed in Solution Explorer to only show items that match your search term.
  • New
    COM References are now cached between TDS sessions to dramatically improve load time when COM references are included in Object Browser.
  • New
    A new 'Help' button was added to the settings dialog so you can quickly jump to the corresponding help topic from the currently selected setting category.
  • New
    The context menu entries for Documents and Tool Windows (shows when right-clicking on the tab) have been updated for a more consistent layout between Documents and Tool Windows.
  • New
    A message box about properties being unavailable will no longer be displayed if you attempt to access the properties of an item in solution explorer that does not support the feature.
  • New
    When generating documentation, help files for built-in references are now cached to avoid rebuilding the same information each time. This results in a significant performance increase when generating documentation.
  • New
    When generating documentation, some XML data was repeated between projects that contained the same information resulting in bloated file sizes. This information is now structred so that it is shared between projects to reduce file size and potential for "out of memory" errors when producing documentation.
  • New
    Text updates sent to the Output Window are now buffered so that UI updates happen less frequently and the performance of any operation that produces output (e.g. Documenter) is greatly improved.
  • New
    The Output Window will now only show a list of Output Providers that have published content.
  • New
    The Output Window will automatically switch to a new Output Provider the first time that item pushes content.

Version 4.0 (Build 7110) - Apr 23, 2017:

Usability, performance, and reliability updates. Notable items listed below:

  • New
    Updated default settings for building project documentation to reduce file size since very large XML files used in the process can cause Out of Memory errors.
  • Fixed
    Project-based references were not properly restored when reloading a project from an already loaded solution.
  • Fixed
    Improved error reporting on system with a corrupt Courier New font which impacts the application from loading properly.

Version 4.0 (Build 7109) - Mar 8, 2017:

This build addresses two issues post-launch. We will continue to monitor the release.

  • Fixed
    On first launch after upgrade from prior version, if you imported previous settings it might display an error message.
  • Fixed
    When opening some projects with ALM files before you had defined an ALM connection, you might get an error displayed for each file.

Version 4.0 (Build 7108) - Mar 5, 2017:

First release of TDS 4.0! This release includes a lot of back end updates for performance and reliability in addition to the following noted changes:

  • New
    Naming Conventions rule functionality added
  • New
    ALM services streamlined
  • New
    Floating document windows
  • New
    Context menu from Error List to turn off code analysis rules
  • New
    Updated tool windows: Output, Toolbox, Server Explorer

Version 3.0 (Build 7020) - Feb 1, 2017:

Critical release to enable web services after forced server migration!

  • New
    Updated URL for license activation service
  • New
    Updated URL for 'check for updates' service

Version 3.0 (Build 7019) - Jan 28, 2017:

Usability, performance, and reliability updates. Notable items listed below:

  • New
    Embedded Web Browser will suppress any dialogs like those related to JavaScript errors on a page.
  • New
    Removed link and commands to deprecated web sites
  • Fixed
    Resolved issue that prevented the Start Page from reading proxy settings, newsfeed, and refresh interval.
  • Fixed
    Resolved issue that prevented imported COM libraries from properly parsing all paramters for a method.
  • Fixed
    Resolved issue that caused ALM-based UFT scripts or components to not be properly searched using 'Find in Files' functionality if that document was open in an editor.
  • Fixed
    Resolved issue that could allow multiple references to be made to a COM library when using the smart tag in the editor to add the missing reference.
  • Fixed
    Adjusted logic used to analyze registered COM ProgID entries on a system to better handle instances with version-specific and version-independent ProgID entries.

Version 3.0 (Build 7018) - Dec 18, 2016:

Usability, performance, and reliability updates. Notable items listed below:

  • New
    You can now press the Esc key to close the Find/Replace tool window when it is floating (so long as it is floating by itself and not attached to other tool windows).
  • New
    Based on feedback, you will no longer be prompted to replace existing files when checking out a file from ALM. This prompt was not useful and disruptive.
  • New
    The ALM context menu shown for files under version control will now report if the local file does not match the server file and provide the appropriate command to either upload or download the file.
  • Fixed
    Using the 'Bookmark All' command from the Find window would create bookmarks that were not displayed in the Bookmarks window and could not be cleared using the 'Clear All' command.
  • Fixed
    Fixed issue the "Last Modified" date of an ALM component was not being properly reported and would impact notifying the user of changes to a component on the server.
  • Fixed
    Corrected issue where a setting in Object Browser could prevent the application from starting properly.

Version 3.0 (Build 7017) - Nov 14, 2016:

Usability, performance, and reliability updates. Notable items listed below:

  • New
    Added IntelliSense for UFT 'CreateObject64' function and 'micCellDoesNotExist' constant
  • New
    Added IntelliSense for VBScript 'Stop' function.
  • Fixed
    Fixed issue where alternative clipboard shortcuts like Shift+Ins for Paste (instead of Ctrl+V) were not being recognized in certain tool windows of the application

Version 3.0 (Build 7016) - Oct 2, 2016:

Usability, performance, and reliability updates. Notable items listed below:

  • New
    When using the 'Launch UFT' command, the UFT window will be restored if it is currently minimized.
  • New
    UFT version information is displayed in the About dialog.
  • Fixed
    Fixed issue introduced in build 7015 causing NullReferenceException when interacting with UFT in some situations.
  • Fixed
    When building UFT files and projects with the 'Use Relative File Paths' options, the search folder of 'CurrentTest' was not being properly processed.
  • Fixed
    Worked around issue placing text on the clipboard from various parts of the application where the clipboard would fail to open.

Version 3.0 (Build 7015) - Sep 4, 2016:

Usability, performance, and reliability updates. Notable items listed below:

  • New
    Informative message displayed if attempting to open a UFT-based solution like it was a TDS-based solution (UFT file format was added after TDS already had solutions, and it is not compatible).
  • New
    Improved error message when 'Courier New' font is corrupt on a user's system to let them know it is a system problem and not an application problem.

Version 3.0 (Build 7014) - Aug 14, 2016:

Performance and reliability updates. Notable items listed below:

  • New
    Replaced Code Metrics tool window with new WPF-based interface.
  • Fixed
    Auto-recover might not clean up recovered files in certain situations and cause repeated prompts to recover the file on future launches.
  • Fixed
    The 'Open With' dialog could cause an unhandled exception if the application associated with a file type was no longer found on the system.
  • Fixed
    Corrected issue with the 'Tab' key causing an unhandled exception under special circumstances.

Version 3.0 (Build 7013) - Jul 20, 2016:

Performance and reliability updates. Notable items listed below:

  • New
    UFT 'Setting' object now has IntelliSense for undocumented 'Keys' and 'Values' properties.
  • Fixed
    UFT DotNetFactory's 'CreateInstance' method is now marked as the default method on the class so IntelliSense and code analysis recognizes when it is implicitly used.

Version 3.0 (Build 7012) - Jun 29, 2016:

Performance and reliability updates. Notable items listed below:

  • Fixed
    3rd-party control licensing issue which caused 'trial notice' prompt to occasionally appear when using a File Select dialog.

Version 3.0 (Build 7011) - May 30, 2016:

Performance and reliability updates.

Version 3.0 (Build 7010) - Apr 10, 2016:

Performance and reliability updates. Notable items listed below:

  • Fixed
    Importing settings during launch that included 'Recent Project' listings would throw an error.

Version 3.0 (Build 7009) - Mar 20, 2016:

Minor release addressing a few software bugs. Notable items listed below:

  • Fixed
    Addressed 'Save As' scenario not properly updating references to the new file.
  • Fixed
    Handled ALM API issue where a newly saved resource under version control might report the version as 0 instead of 1.

Version 3.0 (Build 7008) - Mar 6, 2016:

This is a major release of the software where nearly every aspect of the code was touched. We cannot possibly mention all of the updates and fixes in this release, so only a few are highlighted below.

  • New
    Major refactoring of application code to set the groundwork for additional updates and improvements.
  • New
    Check for updates on startup to make sure you're seeing those updates when they are available.
  • New
    The application theming has been dramatically updated to provide a modern, clean user experience including: app styling, colors, icons, and start page.
  • New
    Streamlined interface for ALM connectivity based on a single-server model.
  • New
    Built for .NET Framework 4.5
  • New
    Ready for Windows 10
  • New
    All 3rd Party controls updated to current releases
  • Fixed
    This release saw a major restructuring of code that corrected or improved many aspects of the software across the entire code base!
In Memorium

In a move to strengthen the code base of the product and allow us to move forward in a positive direction, we did have to say "Goodbye" to support for the following features:

  • Windows XP Operating System (not supported by .NET Framework 4.5)
  • WinRunner
  • Quality Center v9.x and earlier
  • QuickTest v10.x and earlier (although earlier versions should continue to work)
  • ALM administration
  • ALM extended storage access (includes workflow scripts)
  • Web Extensibility UFT projects
  • Windows Script Host language

Version 2.5 (Build 4623) - Mar 14, 2015:

  • ADDED - New property grid control to replace the control from Codejock Software who stopped issuing licenses.
  • ADDED - [UFT] Marked old UFT methods 'ExitRun' and 'ExitGlobalIteration' as deprecated and noted the replacement methods in their documentation
  • ADDED - [UFT] Support for 'Insight' added to IntelliSense and object-repository viewer
  • ADDED - [UFT] 'micNoCoordinate' constant added
  • FIXED - [UFT] An exception could sometimes be thrown when attempting to launch QTP/UFT through the API
  • FIXED - When using the 'Prompt Save All Changes' build option and an individual project was being built, an error would be thrown while trying to save the solution.
  • FIXED - Corrected the encoding of many files that were incorrectly encoded as UCS-2 Little Endian instead of UTF-8.
  • FIXED - [UFT] WinToolbar object reference was missing some Toolbar methods/properties
  • FIXED - [VBScript] Rule CA0118 was not properly handling a public variable array declared on a class and then later processed by the ReDim statement.
  • FIXED - [VBScript] Adjusted the member list shown after a 'Call' statement to include variables and parameters since they might be object-based references with methods to be called through dot notation.

Version 2.5 (Build 4621) - May 14, 2014:

  • FIXED - Rule 'CA0204' and 'CA0203' would not properly report warnings and could cause error analysis to stop updating for a document under certain conditions
  • FIXED - The 'Avoid unused variables' rule would sometimes treat a 'ReDim' statement as a new declaration when the variable was already declared elsewhere in scope.
  • FIXED - The 'Imp' and 'Eqv' VBScript operators were not properly recognized by the language parser and would generate invalid syntax errors.
  • FIXED - The presence of the zero-width non-breaking space character (char 65279) was causing parse errors at the end of a file and is now treated as white space by the lexer.

Version 2.5 (Build 4618) - Apr 24, 2014:

  • ADDED - Documentation Rules (CA0202 - CA0208) to encourage use of XML comments where most useful
  • ADDED - Usage Rule CA0119 - Avoid addition operator for string concatenation
  • ADDED - Usage Rule CA0120 - When using 'On Error Resume Next' in a routine, call 'On Error Goto 0' before exiting the routine
  • ADDED - Usage Rule CA0122 - Restore recovery when disabled in routines
  • ADDED - Design Rule CA0118 - Avoid unused variables
  • ADDED - Design Rule CA0121 - Use error handling with caution
  • ADDED - ALM Versions for 11.5x and 12.0 are properly reported in the 'Help -> About' dialog
  • ADDED - Exception reporting for unhandled and certain key exceptions
  • ADDED - Updated 3rd Party controls
  • FIXED - Application could crash when displaying 'Tools -> Options' if the licensing wizard was displayed during launch (typically first application launch only)
  • FIXED - Exception could be thrown when working with Test Plan Attachments when ALM/Quality Center was in 'Offline' mode

Version 2.5 (Build 4612) - May 6, 2013:

  • ADDED - Updated all version references from 2.0 to 2.5
  • ADDED - The 'WinRunner' built-in library is now turned off by default to save memory
  • ADDED - A new 'Class' project item template has been added to streamline the creation of classes.
  • ADDED - You may now configure an external file comparison tool for comparing two files intead of using the built-in comparison tool.
  • ADDED - Column guides can now be displayed at a fixed position in the editor to mark a significant column (e.g. avoid creating lines that are too long to fit within the column indicator).
  • ADDED - Macro command shortcuts can now be added to saved macros so that you can perform the operation quickly using a keyboard shortcut
  • ADDED - Many 3rd-party libraries updated
  • FIXED - The 'Bookmark' tool window 'Line Number' column was sorted alphabetically instead of numerically.
  • FIXED - The status bar was not properly reflecting pending parse requests.
  • FIXED - When configuring an internet connection to use with news feeds, the proxy user credentials were not being properly passed to the proxy server.
  • FIXED - A project file modified outside of TDS with duplicate file entries containing the same GUID would be duplicated in 'Solution Explorer'
  • FIXED - (Editor) Editor 'Copy' command was disabled on read-only documents
  • FIXED - (Editor) Many of the 'region' code snippets would not activate by their shortcut due to the comment character at the beginning of the shortcut. The comment character was removed.
  • FIXED - (Editor) A code snippet shortcut could be activated when pressing the tab key and text was selected
  • FIXED - (VBScript Parser) The statement teriminator (:) was not recognized on single-line Property or Function declarations.
  • FIXED - (VBScript Parser) XML comments placed before a 'ReDim' statement were not being applied to the variable.
  • FIXED - (ALM) When performing 'Get Latest Version' on a test that was checked out by someone else, the other person's changes might be lost.
  • FIXED - (ALM) Application would become unresponsive when attempting to remove a Quality Center server that was no longer accessible
  • FIXED - (ALM) Version history for tests may not properly display on the history window.

Version 2.0 (Build 4608) - Dec 24, 2012:

  • ADDED - Improved error message displayed when attempting to create/update an ALM server connection with Site Admin features enabled. Stack trace information returned from ALM should be stripped from messages.
  • FIXED - Exception when parsing strings for RegisterUserFunc statements.
  • FIXED - Fixed issue introduced in build 4606 related to changing user passwords for ALM.
  • FIXED - Unhandled exception when attempting to save a solution/project when closing TDS and the solution/project files did not provide write access
  • FIXED - The 'Use Relative Paths' option for building a project will now properly process resource paths when the test is stored in Quality Center, but the resources are on the local file system.
  • FIXED - Improved handling of QC/ALM connection when the client is disconnected due to inactivity timeout (affecting QC 10 and ALM 11) where TDS will properly reconnect
  • FIXED - Fixed processing of login prompt when the account password of a user has changed on the server since it was stored for a connection in TDS.

Version 2.0 (Build 4604) - Aug 3, 2012:

  • ADDED - (IntelliSense) [VBScript Only] When performing inequality operations, you can now display a member list to the right of the inequality operator that will show a list of available items for either Boolean- or Enumeration-based operations.
  • ADDED - Can now export the 'Error List' and 'Code Metrics Results' tool window contents to a CSV file.
  • ADDED - Code analysis engine updated to support more advanced custom rules for the needs of individual customers
  • ADDED - (ALM) Updated the default transfer pattern for QTP tests to improve transmission. Default is now "*.*, -r *.bdb, -r *.mtr, -r *.mts".f
  • FIXED - (QTP) Updated 'Properties.Add' method to support adding a property by name and value as two arguments.
  • FIXED - (QTP IntelliSense) The 'Browser' test object was missing methods 'ClearCache', 'DeleteCookies', 'EmbedScript', and 'EmbedScriptFromFile'
  • FIXED - (QTP IntelliSense) The 'Page', 'Frame', 'SAPFrame', 'SAPiView', and 'SAPPortal' test objects were missing the methods 'RunScript' and 'RunScriptFromFile'
  • FIXED - (QTP IntelliSense) The 'RunAnalog' method was missing from 'Desktop' and 'Window' objects.
  • FIXED - (QTP IntelliSense) The 'LoadAndRunAction' and 'LoadFunctionLibrary' functions now support an indeterminate number of parameters.
  • FIXED - (QTP IntelliSense) The 'WebRadioGroup.Select' method was missing the 'Value' argument definition.
  • FIXED - (VBScript IntelliSense) Member lists of VBScript classes where brackets were used to escape keywords will not show the brakets unless special characters are in the name (making brackets required)
  • FIXED - (VBScript IntelliSense) When square brackets were used to define a language item in a class but are not required to consume that item in code, IntelliSense and code analysis now properly detect the usage without the square brackets.
  • FIXED - (VBScript Parser) Property 'Set' or 'Let' declarations that used square brackets in the property name would resolve to the 'Get' declaration instead. Among other issues, this could cause parameters within a 'Let' or 'Set' declaration to be reported as unavailable.
  • FIXED - (VBScript Parser) When square brackets were used to define a language item name, only the space character was being escaped. All special characters are now escaped.
  • FIXED - (VBScript) The declared value of constants was not being properly parsed when the contant was declared as a negative number.
  • FIXED - (Documenter) Read-only or write-only properties (i.e. those with multiple declarations) would display 'Page Not Found' if you tried to hyperlink to the property from XML documents using the 'cref' attribute without the ':Get', ':Let', or ':Set' option at the end.
  • FIXED - Updated logic for determining when ExportToHtml and ExportToRtf commands are enabled

Version 2.0 (Build 4599) - May 5, 2012:

  • ADDED - (QTP) The Build process now only clears associated repositores on an action if it had previous associations.
  • ADDED - (QTP) When performing a QTP build where only one test is processed, that test will be left open in QTP after the build instead of opening a blank test.
  • ADDED - (QTP) Added new setting for QuickTest Pro to configure if the Unified Functional Testing license should be used when launching QTP through the API (valid on QTP v11 and higher).
  • ADDED - (QTP) TDS will now generate a more friendly error message when elevated permissions are needed to create the QTP COM objects, and the check for QTP availability is no longer cached unless it is found to be available.
  • ADDED - (QTP) Only tests that were checked out before the build will be checked in after the build.
  • ADDED - (QTP) Build process dismisses the 'Check In' dialog displayed by QTP when closing a saved test that is checked out since this will block API function calls.
  • ADDED - (QTP) QuickTest would not always keep settings applied through the API if the app was not visible, so the 'App.Visible = True' statement was moved from the end of the startup script to just after application launch.
  • ADDED - (Build) The 'Build Selected' command now uses the selected document for the build if it has focus instead of the selected item in Solution Explorer (which is not always in sync depending on other options)
  • ADDED - (ALM) Updated the default transfer pattern for QTP tests to improve transmission. Default is now "-r *.* -x Report, -x Mediainfo.ini, -x Snapshots".
  • FIXED - (QTP) WebRadioGroup was configured to use the 'Set' method instead of the 'Select' method.
  • FIXED - (QTP) When opening a test in QTP when the currently loaded test had unsaved modifications, selecting 'Cancel' when prompted by TDS would not always cancel the operation.
  • FIXED - A blank document could cause performance issues when parsing documents
  • FIXED - Changes to Font and Color settings for "Special Directive Text" were not being updated in the editor.
  • FIXED - (Rules) 3rd-Party Code Analysis rules defaulted to a help topic in the Test Design Studio help file that would not exist.
  • FIXED - Resolve a scenario where an unhandled exception might be thrown when determining the document class of an item that was removed from Quality Center.
  • FIXED - Updated the icon for checked out QC files to match current style in use by QC\ALM (lock icon appears unlocked whereas in older versions it appeared locked).
  • FIXED - Errors generated in response to toolbar commands on the File Select dialog could cause an unhandled exception.
  • FIXED - (TSL) Resolved issue where "Collapse to Definitions" outlining command would cause an exception on WinRunner TSL documents.

Version 2.0 (Build 4592) - March 25, 2012:

  • ADDED - Updated many 3rd-party DLL's
  • ADDED - (QTP) Changed the default project build settings so that 'Build Startup Script' was turned off by default.
  • ADDED - (QTP IntelliSense) Added support for Web Services add-in with inclusion of 'WebService' test object and related classes.
  • ADDED - (QTP IntelliSense) Added 'Delphi' test objects to IntelliSense.
  • ADDED - (QTP IntelliSense) Added 'GetItemProperty' method to WinList, WinListView, WinToolbar, WinTreeView, SwfList, SwfListView, SwfToolBar, SwfTreeView, VbList, VbListView, VbToolbar, VbTreeView
  • ADDED - (QTP IntelliSense) Added 'WebPackage' property to static 'Setting' object.
  • ADDED - (VBScript IntelliSense) Added 'New' keyword to standard member list.
  • ADDED - New 'Fonts and Colors' settings added for "Text Area Background", "Text Area Background (Disabled)", "User Margin Background", "Selection Margin Background", and "Outlining Indicator".
  • ADDED - New 'Fonts and Colors' option to set 'Background Color' for 'Line Numbers'.
  • ADDED - (Web Extensibility) Added default list of test object names for Test Object editor when user is unable to read from the system registry or QuickTest is not installed.
  • ADDED - (Web Extensibility) Added default list of generic object types for Test Object editor when user is unable to read from the system registry or QuickTest is not installed.
  • ADDED - (Web Extensibility) Updated "_elem" variable automatic type assignments to recognize test objects based on "Frame", "Image", and "Link".
  • ADDED - (Web Extensibility) Added support in Test Object editor for explicit definition of "_elem" variable type used for IntelliSense.
  • ADDED - (File Select Dialog) Quality Center Resource Module and Component Module folders can now be refreshed to reflect changes in child items.
  • ADDED - (ALM) The option to lock a Quality Center file when opened for editing will no longer lock files under version control.
  • FIXED - (ALM) Checkout Date/Time of version-controlled tests in ALM was reported incorrectly on some systems.
  • FIXED - (ALM) When any version-controlled file from the Resources or Components module was already opened before the file was checked out, the editor would not refresh the file to remove the 'read only' flag.
  • FIXED - (Build) Unable to build a project where tests were under version control due to QTP not seeing the test as checked out.
  • FIXED - (Build) Version controlled tests would cause the build process to appear to "hang" when saving the test due to a modal dialog displayed by QTP wanting to check in the file. TDS nows performs a check in after save.
  • FIXED - (Jscript IntelliSense) Resolved issue with IntelliSense not be displayed for objects from the MSHTML reference library.
  • FIXED - Resolved scenario where InvalidOperationException might be thrown while performing an initial collapse of outlining nodes when a document is first opened.
  • FIXED - Application Lifecycle Management v11 is not properly reflected in the 'Help -> About' dialog.
  • FIXED - Some 'Fonts and Colors' settings (such as Bracket Highlighting) were not being properly applied for the VBScript syntax language.

Version 2.0 (Build 4586) - December 14, 2011:

  • ADDED - Updated many 3rd-party DLL's
  • ADDED - (QTP) The QTP Build Process now uses the 'Search Folders' defined in QTP to determine relative file paths.
  • ADDED - (QTP v11) Added new statement 'Reporter.ReportNote'
  • ADDED - (QTP v11) Updated description of QTP Test v10 template to show compatibility with v11 as well.
  • FIXED - QTP Web Extensibility Project Exporter would crash on 64-bit systems.
  • FIXED - (IntelliSense) [VBScript Only] When performing assignment or equality operations, the member list displayed to the right of the assignment or equality operator would generate error of the variable referred to a list of constants.
  • FIXED - (VBScript) A public property with one private declaration (i.e. Public Get and Private Let) would not be seen as Public if the Private declaration was parsed last
  • FIXED - (VBScript) The use of a colon in an in-line 'If' statement after the 'Then' or 'Else' tokens was causing a parsing error.
  • FIXED - (QTP TEA) Resolved issue with TEA Addon files with IconIndex set to "NaN" (used by Adobe Flex)
  • FIXED - (VBScript) Inline 'If/Else' statements that did not contain a valid 'True' or 'False' statement were not reported as errors.

Version 2.0 (Build 4579) - July 21, 2011:

  • ADDED - (QTP) Added Terminal Emulator objects and constants
  • ADDED - (IntelliSense) [VBScript Only] When pressing the 'space' key after typing the 'Call' keyword, a member list of available methods will be displayed
  • ADDED - (Outlining) The 'Outlining.ToggleOutlining' command has been updated so that if you have made a selection in the editor, all outlining nodes fully contained in that selection will be toggled instead of just the closest outlining node.
  • ADDED - (IntelliSense) [VBScript Only] When performing assignment or equality operations, you can now display a member list to the right of the assignment or equality operator that will show a list of available items for either Boolean- or Enumeration-based operations.
  • FIXED - (IntelliSense) Root GUI objects (i.e. Window, Browser) were not being displayed in the default member list if a corresponding item was not in the object repository (which made descriptive programming harder)
  • FIXED - (IntelliSense) Adjusted how versioned interfaces (i.e. ITDConnection, ITDConnection2, ITDConnection3) are processed for automatically adjusting the lower interface to the highest available interface. The logic specifically caused some resolution issues with ActiveX Data Object Library and the 'Fields' interface resolving as 'Fields20' when it should not have.
  • FIXED - (Object Browser) Some hyperlinks for items (especially those from COM libraries) did not update the selection properly

Version 2.0 (Build 4572) - April 27, 2011:

  • ADDED - (QC) When a test, resource, test plan attachment, or scripted component is opened in TDS, it is now locked in Quality Center. When a lock cannot be acquired, the file is opened read-only. This feature is ON by default, and can be disabled under 'Settings -> HP -> Quality Center'.
  • ADDED - (QTP v11) Added new statements 'CallServiceTest', 'LoadAndRunAction', and 'LoadFunctionLibrary'
  • ADDED - (QTP v11) Added new utility objects 'VisualRelation', 'VisualRelations', and 'VisualRelationsCollection'
  • ADDED - (QTP v11) Added new 'WpfTable' test object that was renamed from 'WpfGrid' with new functionality.
  • ADDED - (QTP) Added missing utility object 'SystemMonitor'
  • ADDED - (QTP) Added missing supplemental objects 'DbTable', 'VirtualButton', 'VirtualCheckBox', 'VirtualList', 'VirtualObject', 'VirtualRadioButton', and 'VirtualTable'.
  • ADDED - (QTP) Added missing test object 'SwfPropertyGrid'
  • ADDED - (QTP) Added missing method 'GetErrorProviderText' to .NET Win Forms test objects.
  • ADDED - (QTP) Added missing methods 'GetTextLocation' and 'GetVisibleText' that were not associated with some .NET Windows Forms test objects.
  • ADDED - (QTP) Added missing 'Java' property to 'Setting' utility object.
  • FIXED - (QTP) Removed method 'GetTextLocation' from .NET WPF test objects.
  • FIXED - (QTP) Updated how *.usr files are opened to support encodings other than UTF-8 (which caused some action names to display incorrectly)
  • FIXED - (VBScript Parser) The 'overload' tag was not being processed on methods that were part of a container object like a 'Class' definition in VBScript
  • FIXED - (VBScript Parser) When multiple VBScript Property declarations are present, the base documentation is derived from the 'Get' declaration instead of the last declaration that is parsed.
  • FIXED - (Documenter) VBScript Property 'Get' syntax now supports parameters
  • FIXED - (Documenter) Contents no longer shows individual VBScript property declarations 'Get', 'Let', and 'Set'. A summary page is displayed when more than one property exists with links to the individual declaration pages.
  • FIXED - (XML Comments) The auto-inserted XML skeleton for property declarations now pulls in parameters for the related declaration instead of the default declaration (typically the 'Get' declaration)

Version 2.0 (Build 4569) - February 11, 2011:

  • ADDED - (Task List) You can now export the task list to Excel using the 'File -> Export -> Excel' main menu option provided the 'Task List' tool window has focus. Limitations are that the 'Task Type' column will report an Bitmap value, and the 'Completed' column will appear blank.
  • ADDED - (QTP) Added 'AddNamespace', 'GetValidationError', 'GetValidationErrorsNumber', and 'Validate' methods to the XMLData object.
  • ADDED - (QTP) Added 'Namespace' and 'Prefix' properties to XMLAttribute object.
  • ADDED - (QTP) Added 'Namespace' property and 'GetValueByXPath' method to XMLElement object.
  • ADDED - (QTP) Added 'XMLFile' object
  • FIXED - (QTP) Resolved a rare scenario where certain instances of active screen data in an MTS file could cause the application to hang.
  • FIXED - (QTP) SAPGuiUtil object was not marked as static.
  • FIXED - (VBScript) Resolved issue where using a colon (:) as a line terminator on a variable declaration statement that begins with 'Public' or 'Private' (i.e. not 'Dim') would cause a false syntax error to be reported.
  • FIXED - (Text Parser) XML comment data for parameters was not being properly applied until a second parse of the file was performed.
  • FIXED - (VBScript) A dynamic array that was originally declared as a regular variable (i.e. "Dim foo") and later redimmed (i.e. "ReDim foo(1)") will be seen by TDS as an array
  • FIXED - (VBScript) An array without XML comments which had an assigned using the 'Set' keyword would cause TDS to think the array variable was an instance of that class instead of an array of those classes.
  • FIXED - (VBScript) [CA0112] Code analysis provides better handling of the the 'Set' keyword when working with arrays of objects.
  • FIXED - (Quality Center) Test Design Studio was not properly reading test plan folders when the data-hiding filter was restricting which folders a user could see.

Version 2.0 (Build 4564) - November 10, 2010:

  • FIXED - (Documenter) Resolved a null reference exception that could happen when generating documentation for a project that including Business Process Testing components where a Class was defined in the component code.
  • FIXED - (Documenter) Improved error handling around XML comments that are not well-formed
  • ADDED - (Licensing) Updated licensing controls and license activation regulations to reduce chances of a license requiring reactivation

Version 2.0 (Build 4562) - July 30, 2010:

  • ADDED - Start Page 'Getting Started' section has a new link to the videos page
  • ADDED - New command-line flag "-newlic" that can be used to show the license wizard. Does not apply when "-resetlic" was also provided.
  • ADDED - Changed trial license process so that a trial is immediately available with the product and does not require contacting support.
  • ADDED - Tweaked binaries to adjust how 64-bit operating systems are supported.
  • ADDED - (QC) Version control support added for Business Process components (as supported in Quality Center v10)
  • ADDED - Updated help file to include rule CA0117
  • ADDED - New setting under 'Projects and Solutions' to control whether code analysis is performed automatically after opening a solution.
  • FIXED - Some outside file modifications were not being detected. Adjusted the notification technique used to monitor changes.
  • FIXED - (QC) Test Resources under version control were not being properly marked as read-only when not checked out (as supported in Quality Center v10)
  • FIXED - (QC) Improved performance of interacting with QC10 server when testing if a connection to the project is still valid.
  • FIXED - (QC) Resolved issue that would cause project files that reference a Quality Center test to not be properly released when closing a project.
  • FIXED - (VBScript) The parser was not fully processing rule CA0112 (Invalid Assignment) on assignment of return values from functions/properties or assignment to parameters.
  • FIXED - (VBScript) Fixed issue with parser where strings that were terminated with two quotation marks would not report an error
  • FIXED - (QTP) Added 'RefreshObject' method that was missing from many Test Object definitions impacting IntelliSense and Code Analysis
  • FIXED - (QTP) The 'Activate' method on some list-based QTP test objects did not show the second parameter as being optional

Version 2.0 (Build 4551) - May 19, 2010:

  • ADDED - (VBScript) New Code Analysis rule CA0117 will warn about the explicit use of the 'Match.Value' property when performing a non-object-based assignment without explicitly using the 'Value' property.
  • ADDED - (QTP) IntelliSense support added for Silverlight GUI objects (e.g. "SlvWindow", "SlvButton", etc).
  • ADDED - (Code Analysis) New option on 'Text Editor -> General' called 'Perform code analysis on text changes' that can be turned off to avoid automatic re-analysis of the currently edited document after code changes (for performance).
  • ADDED - (Code Analysis) New 'Analyze.CodeAnalyisForCurrentFile' command added to re-perform code analysis on the currently edited file (if supported). Command added to 'Tools' menu and 'Error List' toolbar.
  • FIXED - (VBScript) Language analysis would give an error 'CA0112' when not using 'Set' to assign a 'Match' object to a variable. In this special case, however, the 'Match' object will return the 'Match.Value' property instead.
  • FIXED - (VBScript) The language parser was incorrectly requiring a statement terminator after the 'Then' token of an 'ElseIf' conditional statement.
  • FIXED - (VBScript) The language analysis parser was not always correctly reporting invalid use of the 'Set' statement when trying to assign string, boolean, and other non-object values.
  • FIXED - (VBScript) The language analysis parser would sometimes not resolve the use of default members on classes.
  • FIXED - (VBScript) The language syntax parser was not detecting when a block statement was not properly terminated.
  • FIXED - (VBScript) Resolved issue where using the ':' character to place multiple statements on a single line would result in the additional statements not being properly parsed and processed.

Version 2.0 (Build 4546) - April 14, 2010:

  • FIXED - (VBScript) Multiple member access statements within a With block were not being properly nested by the parser when building the syntax tree
  • FIXED - (VBScript) Parser was reporting errors if you declared any Const inside a function, sub, or property when it is only an error if you use the Public or Private access modifier.
  • FIXED - (VBScript) Parser would not report a syntax error if the 'Call' keyword was used without being followed by an expression.
  • FIXED - (QTP) Building a project with files from the Quality Center v10 Resources module would result in a warning about the file path being unsupported by QuickTest.
  • ADDED - (Object Browser) The 'Edit.Find' command (default key sequence of CTRL+F) will now move focus to the search box in Object Browser if that tool window is active when the command is executed.
  • ADDED - Updated 3rd party controls

Version 2.0 (Build 4542) - March 17, 2010:

  • ADDED - (QTP) Suppressed the prompt about 'No Actions Found' when loading a project that contains a QTP script with no supported actions.
  • ADDED - (QTP) Added IntelliSense for Browser functions 'CloseAllTabs', 'IsSiblingTab', and 'OpenNewTab'
  • FIXED - (QTP) Adjusted working of 'No Actions Found' prompt to 'No Supported Actions Found' since a script entirely formed of external actions does have actions even if not supported.
  • FIXED - (QTP) When an action-less script is opened for editing, that document will now be 'read-only' since there is nothing to edit.
  • FIXED - (Documenter) Resolved obfuscation issue introduced with build 4537 that would prevent documentation from being generated. Received error message "Expression must evaluate to a node-set".
  • FIXED - (Documenter) Compiling documentation for Web Files would result in an error if the destination directory for the documentation was not on the same drive as the Temp directory.
  • ADDED - (Documenter) Added a warning if you attempt to compiled an HTML Help file to a non-local drive since standard security restrictions in HTML Help do not allow viewing from non-local drives.

Version 2.0 (Build 4537) - February 15, 2010:

  • ADDED - (QTP IntelliSense) Added IntelliSense support for SAP addin GUI and HTML test objects.
  • ADDED - (QTP IntelliSense) Added 'SAPGuiUtil' utility object and IntelliSense.
  • FIXED - (General) When loading previous settings during the launch of TDS (typically when launching the application after an upgrade), the Tool Window layout data was not being properly restored.
  • FIXED - (General) Change assembly encryption technique to avoid launch problems on certain machine configurations.

Version 2.0 (Build 4531) - December 6, 2009:

  • FIXED - (Web Extensibility) Resolved an exception that could cause TDS to crash when switching between arguments in a test object operation.
  • FIXED - (Web Extensibility) Resolved NullReferenceException that was introduced from the last build that would prevent the generation of Web Ext documentation.
  • FIXED - (Web Extensibility) Resolved a conflict where identification properties that were meant to be assistive would also be marked as mandatory. QTP then has a conflict that cannot be resolved.
  • FIXED - (VBScript) Syntax Checking engine now reports errors if you attempt to declare a constant within a class or routine (constants are only allowed at script-level).
  • ADDED - (Web Extensibility) Added the ability to include standard files in the generated documentation. VBS and QFL files are included by default. For others, set 'Documentation Include' property to 'Always'.
  • ADDED - (Web Extensibility) The 'DefaultOperationName' attribute of a test object is now configurable from the 'Operations' tab of the Test Object Editor. Simply select the default operation from the drop-down list.
  • ADDED - (Web Extensibility) You can now define the value of a item in a list of values.

Version 2.0 (Build 4530) - November 16, 2009:

  • ADDED - (VBScript) New code analysis rule CA0116 will issue an error if you attempt to access the members of an array without providing an array index argument
  • ADDED - (VBScript) Added special logic for the QTP 'Environment.Value' property to issue a warning if the 'Set' keyword is used with object-based data, and to ignore the lack of the 'Set' keyword when assigning object-based data (opposite logic)
  • FIXED - (VBScript) IntelliSense for arrays of objects was not properly showing member lists for the objects in the array
  • FIXED - (VBScript) IntelliSense for arrays of objects with a default member would show the parameter information for that default member after typing the '(' that would indicate the array index.
  • FIXED - (VBScript) Error analysis was skipping rule CA0112 (UseSetKeywordProperly) in certain scenarios where the right-side of the assignment involved the invocation of a method that returned generic object-based data.
  • FIXED - Resolved crash on licensing dialog when invalid filename was entered before browsing for a file.
  • FIXED - Updated Test Extensibility to support adding extensions to existing QTP classes
  • FIXED - (VBScript) Resolved outlining issue introduced in build 4527 that would cause comment regions to be improperly outlined.

Version 2.0 (Build 4527) - October 15, 2009:

  • FIXED - The 'New Project' dialog would throw an exception and close if an invalid filename character was used for either the solution or project name.
  • FIXED - The syntax error engine was ignoring the whitespace after a 'dot' in a member access expression when VBScript does not allow whitespace in that situation.
  • FIXED - The syntax error engine was not always reporting errors for improperly formed statements
  • FIXED - The syntax error engine was not reporting errors on assignment of constants to negative numbers because it was not a literal expression. Unary expressions of positive/negative are now allowed on numeric literals.
  • FIXED - When closing TDS in certain scenarios, a thread deadlock could occur that would cause the application to hang.
  • FIXED - In certain situations, TODO comments were being left on the task list after a document was closed.
  • FIXED - When new files were created by TDS that were based on parameterized templates, the encoding of the file was changed to UTF-8 instead of keeping the source encoding.

Version 2.0 (Build 4525) - October 1, 2009:

  • ADDED - Syntax checking added to ensure that constant declarations are literal expressions only and not complex expressions.
  • ADDED - Syntax checking added to ensure that identifiers only have one instance of the 'Public' or 'Private' modifier.
  • FIXED - The VBScript parser was reading stand-alone 'End' keywords as an unsupported branch statement instead of causing a syntax error
  • FIXED - In some cases, the very last token in a document might not be parsed.
  • FIXED - Syntax error was not being raised when combining 'Private' or 'Public' with 'Dim' when declaring members of a class (i.e. 'Public Dim myVar').
  • FIXED - The parser was incorrectly reporting errors if line terminators were not specified after the 'Case' clauses of a 'Select Case' statement.
  • FIXED - Expanded support for 64-bit operating systems.
  • FIXED - The parser was not warning the user when a variable was assigned to 'Nothing' without using the 'Set' keyword.
  • FIXED - The fix for CA0111 in build 4522 resulted in decreased analysis of class instatiation statements outside of QTP scripts. Class names are now properly checked.
  • FIXED - Improved error reporting when 'Not' keyword was not followed by an expression.
  • FIXED - code Analysis was ignoring default properties on objects whose corresponding DLL was not loaded.
  • FIXED - Under certain scenarios, the syntax error parser would continue to process parse requests after the syntax engine was turned off.
  • FIXED - On certain versions of Quality Center, QTP tests would be locked after saving from TDS due to an internal error in the Quality Center API.
  • FIXED - Changes to Fonts and Settings were not always being properly restored when restarting the application.

Version 2.0 (Build 4522) - September 9, 2009:

  • ADDED - Error List tool window now has a new option to allow you to toggle on/off filtering for the active document only. This makes it easy to concentrate on errors/warnings for the currently edited document.
  • ADDED - Error List now has Clipboard Copy support to place details of the selected item on the clipboard.
  • ADDED - When accidentally selecting a solution/project using the standard 'Open File' dialog (instead of 'Open Project/Solution'), you will be prompted to reload as a project/solution or to open as a standard text file.
  • FIXED - Context menu not appearing on Error List
  • FIXED - When modifying the global code analysis settings, some errors would be removed from the error list until the next scan.
  • FIXED - Replace operations would alter the contents of read-only documents in the editor. This would not corrupt the files, but would result in an invalid application state for the document.
  • FIXED - When selecting 'Project -> Properties' from the main menu and nothing was selected in Solution Explorer, the 'Properties' tool window would activate for the solution, but the solution details would not be displayed.
  • FIXED - Code Analysis rule CA0111 adjusted to only apply to QTP scripts, not function libraries.
  • FIXED - The 'Project -> Add New Item' and 'Project -> Add Existing Item' command was not properly mapping to the only project is a solution if the solution was selected instead of the project.
  • FIXED - For QC 9.0+, TDS now prompts you for server authentication credentials on-demand if your username/password are incorrect.
  • FIXED - IntelliSense for XMLData.Compare method did not have 'Filter' parameter marked as optional
  • FIXED - Added missing methods to XMLElement object: AddNamespace, CheckAttribute, CheckValue, CheckXPath, and ToString.
  • FIXED - Status Bar position information not updated to new view when switching between actions in a QTP test.

Version 2.0 (Build 4521) - September 1, 2009:

  • ADDED - Updated 3rd-party controls.
  • ADDED - Real-time syntax error checking and language analysis added.
  • ADDED - Error List tool window added to show single view of all errors, warnings, and informational messages.
  • ADDED - Code Metrics tool window will calculate and display key software metrics for the items in your projects. This is a great tool for code reviews or general analysis.
  • ADDED - Variables parsed from 'For Each' statements to include IntelliSense
  • ADDED - Typing '++' or '--' after an identifier in VBScript editors will expand text for incrementing/decrementing the identifier (i.e. 'i++' will turn to 'i = i + 1').
  • ADDED - Additional interfaces are now shown in Object Browser for COM libraries (when available)
  • ADDED - TDS now auto-resolves interface references (like IFolder, IFolder2, IFolder3) so that if an object returns IFolder, TDS resolves it as IFolder3 for more appropriate IntelliSense
  • ADDED - Automatic outlining of more fundamental VBScript control elements like conditionals (IF, SELECT) and loops (FOR, DO)
  • ADDED - QTP Scripts no longer load/save results data when transferring files between local cache and Quality Center. This results in increased file transfer performance. String user for transfer is user-configurable.
  • ADDED - Language elements can now be marked as obsolete (using the 'obsolete' XML comment tag) where warnings are displayed if the item is used. Obsolete items are automatically hidden from IntelliSense to discourage use.
  • ADDED - You can now build individual QTP scripts in a project without rebuilding the entire project.
  • ADDED - To avoid issues with multiple local cached copies of Quality Center files, TDS will no longer allow the same Quality Center file to be added to more than one project in a single solution.
  • ADDED - When a language element is specified incorrectly as just "Array", the value is translated as "Variant()" or "Array of variants" to assist with language analysis.
  • ADDED - New External Tool Action : Copy Selected Text to Clipboard. Valid for editors that support the 'ActiveText' property.
  • ADDED - New External Tool Replacement Parameter $(AppHandle) that will be replaced with the current Windows handle for TDS.
  • ADDED - Object Repository IntelliSense for QTP files will now show object repository entries from referenced projects in addition to the current project.
  • ADDED - When the 'Animate Environment Tools' option is turned off, menu popup animations are now turned off as well. This will improve performance in remote access situations.
  • ADDED - Monitoring of Quality Center files will let you know if a file has been modified, just like files on the standard file system.
  • ADDED - When saving a Quality Center file that has been modified on the server since you downloaded, you are prompted to confirm the overwrite.
  • ADDED - Added the ability to mark a project as the 'Core Project' for a solution. When using this feature, the core project automatically references all other projects, and those projects automatically reference the core project (but not each other). This is useful when a single project provides central functionality for your project, but you have different modules of the application implemented by individual projects. Right-click the project in 'Solution Explorer' and select 'Set as Core Project'.
  • ADDED - Updated QC 10 Workflow Templates for new modules
  • ADDED - Updated QC 10 Database Table references
  • ADDED - Core IntelliSense for QTP's WebUtil object. While obsolete, it is still in wide use.
  • ADDED - Pressing the Enter key when the caret is over a result in the 'Find Results' tool windows will activate that result (Go To Location command)
  • FIXED - Several apsects of Quality Center performance have been improved.
  • FIXED - Time needed to open/close large solutions has been reduced.
  • FIXED - Resolved scenario where undimmed variables that were set to an instance of another undimmed variable might not properly resolve the type of reference for IntelliSense.
  • FIXED - Arrays that are never 'Dim'ed but only 'ReDim'ed will now show up in IntelliSense. You must use Dim if you want to use XML comments to describe the array.
  • FIXED - XML Comment data for function/property parameters is now cleared when the XML comment is removed.
  • FIXED - Resolved some issues working with Quality Center paths where a forward slash "/" was used in the name of a folder.
  • FIXED - Adding unsupported Quality Center file types to a solution is now properly blocked

Version 1.6 (Build 4230) - June 14, 2009:

  • ADDED - Updated 3rd-party controls.
  • FIXED - Corrected API usage when working with older releases of QuickTest Pro that did not support newer API methods.
  • FIXED - Object repository files using Repository Parameters or Environment Variables were not being properly parsed and would generate an error.
  • FIXED - When Quality Center files are downloaded, the relevant project is marked as 'Modified' so that you are prompted to save the project with updated timestamps used for tracking QC files.

Version 1.6 (Build 4227) - April 27, 2009:

  • ADDED - If more than one USR file is present for a QTP test, the one with the newer timestamp is used to determine available actions.
  • ADDED - Basic support for Quality Center 10.0 (does not currently support Repository module).
  • ADDED - Test templates for QuickTest Pro 10.0
  • FIXED - When renaming a folder in solution explorer with invalid characters, the proper invalid characters are now displayed in the dialog
  • FIXED - Could not rename a solution explorer folder by just changing the case of letters in the name

Version 1.6 (Build 4226) - March 7, 2009:

  • FIXED - Resolved issue where the 'Save All' command would save any open editor and not just those with modified content. Aside from performance, this also increased the risk of accidental overwrite of files that others may have modified since they were opened.
  • FIXED - Resolved issue using 'Find in Files' on Quality Center component folders and non-scripted components.
  • FIXED - Renaming a declared item in case-insensitive languages will now update the corresponding IntelliSense.
  • FIXED - Directory-based files (such as QTP scripts) can now be renamed to change the case of the name without resulting in an error.
  • FIXED - QuickInfo for object repository objects of the same name did not respect class name during lookup.
  • ADDED - Opening a 'Test.tsp' file within the QTP script folder will now open the script itself.
  • ADDED - Updated several 3rd party libraries.
  • ADDED - New option for Projects and Solutions to auto-save a project after any new file is added to the project.

Version 1.6 (Build 4221) - December 26, 2008:

  • FIXED - Resolved NullReferenceException when loading locally cached business process component files while the corresponding Quality Center server was in off-line mode.
  • FIXED - Resolved an issue with the XML file used for documentation generation that was not including an attribute necessary for some hyperlink capabilities.
  • FIXED - Resolved issue within generated documentation for a solution where links to other referenced projects from the project summary page were inaccurate.
  • FIXED - Resolved issue with documenter where methods/properties of classes in a file where being displayed on the file summary page.
  • FIXED - Improved error handling around IntelliSense InfoTip to prevent editor crashing in the event of an IntelliSense error.
  • FIXED - Some non-US installations of TDS would not properly detect the version of Quality Center that was installed.
  • FIXED - Some IntelliSense member lists were not being properly filtered based on the context of the current file being edited (i.e. WinRunner items appearing in QuickTest scripts)
  • FIXED - Resolved IntelliSense lookup where an enumeration item would show details about the enumeration list instead of the item itself.
  • FIXED - Some dialogs improved to better handle non-standard font DPI settings (i.e. DPI 120 instead of 96)
  • FIXED - Encoding used by some files in the Documenter would conflict with Unicode characters resulting in '?' characters in the output.

Version 1.6 (Build 4213) - October 10, 2008:

  • FIXED - Due to issues with the HP-provided RepositoryUtil.dll API, TDS would crash on some machines. The code has now been isolated to protect TDS from crashing and reduce the likelihood of a crash.
  • FIXED - When 'Save All' was performed and editors were open with read-only files, those files were saved and the read-only attribute removed.
  • FIXED - No longer receive 'ACCESS_DENIED' errors when trying to open a read-only object repository file that is stored in the binary format (i.e. *.tsr files)
  • FIXED - In some very rare situations, a stack overflow could happen when performing IntelliSense lookups.
  • FIXED - InfoTip IntelliSense for function calls might not display for some Web Extensibility classes.
  • FIXED - When IntelliSense member list unhandled exceptions occur, TDS will now display an entry in the memberlist to reflect the error instead of crashing.

Version 1.6 (Build 4207) - August 2, 2008:

  • FIXED - Unhandled exception thrown in certain IntelliSense situations.

Version 1.6 (Build 4206) - July 31, 2008:

QuickTest Web Extensibility

  • ADDED - A brand new feature has been added to support Web Extensibility toolkits for QuickTest Pro.


  • FIXED - Updated text trimming technique for Add New File and New File dialogs to show character-based ellipsis when text is too long.
  • FIXED - Improved loading of settings from file when a COM library that was in the settings file was not present on the machine loading the settings.
  • FIXED - Application would crash on startup when a previously reference Type Library failed to load.
  • ADDED - New template replacement parameters of $safeinputname$ and $safeprojectname$ that are like $fileinputname$ and $projectname$ respectively except all unsafe characters are removed. Safe characters are alphanumeric and underscore. These parameters are useful for creating language elements based on the filename (i.e. create a VBScript class with the same name of the file, but we have to make sure the name is safe for use as a class name)
  • ADDED - For simplicity, the 'InternetExplorer.Application' ProgID will now automatically remap from the 'iexplore.exe' application to 'shdocvw.dll' library so that you can easily load the library from the ProgID.


  • ADDED - JavaScript editor receives major update to enhance editing experience of files used for QTP Web Extensibility.
  • ADDED - Major overhaul of the IntelliSense engine used for all editors fixing various bugs and improved performance.
  • ADDED - New Commands "MoveDelcarationHeaderNext" (Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow) and "MoveDeclarationHeaderPrev" (Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow) that will move the caret to the Next/Previous declaration header in the current document. Works with declarations for Classes, Methods/Functions, and Properties.
  • FIXED - Constants from TypeLibs no longer shown in global member lists since the constants are not accessible by name
  • FIXED - Task List Comments were recognizing comment tokens in the middle of the comment instead of restricting them to the first token in the comment
  • FIXED - IntelliSense NullReferenceException in certain situations

Solution Explorer

  • ADDED - When a new file is created from a multi-file template, all top-level files are included in the solution instead of just the first encountered file (only the first file will be opened)
  • ADDED - File-based project references can now be refreshed to force updates to be re-loaded from file in the event of external modification.
  • FIXED - Icons for 'ICO' and 'EXE' files would often recycle the icon used for a previous file of the same extension instead of using a unique icon for that instance of the file.
  • FIXED - When copying files between projects, the source project would create two instances of the copied file resulting in an error


  • FIXED - External actions are skipped when updating object repositories during the Build process of a QTP project.
  • FIXED - QTP 9.5 Script Templates updated to remove the annoying setting that opened the Mercury Tours Website.
  • FIXED - The Build Process might throw an error when updating the addins for tests.
  • FIXED - The QTP Build process will only verify the existing of the QTP Automation libraries if one of the build tasks actually requires QTP automation. This allows other build tasks to be performed on machines without QTP installed.
  • FIXED - The language parser was not auto-determining the class of some variables if they were declared inside a function or property declaration.
  • FIXED - Public Classes, Functions, and Variables declared inside a QTP action are now always treated with Private scope since they are not accessible outside the action no matter how they are declared.
  • ADDED - QTP Test Object IntelliSense update to show optional TimeOut parameter on 'Exist' property
  • ADDED - The project build settings now allow you to indicate the use of relative paths for filenames that will be used when updating scripts for the build process. NOTE: Bug in QTP API prevents this from working on Object Repository paths.
  • ADDED - Installed Web Extensibility Addins are now loaded to the Object Browser and available for IntelliSense within the text editor.
  • ADDED - Web-based objects will now have IntelliSense for their DOM equivalents when using the 'Object' property (i.e. "WebTable.Object" will show IntelliSense for "HTMLTable" object).
  • ADDED - IntelliSense added for the Java addin test objects.

Quality Center

  • FIXED - NullReferenceException when opening some files from Quality Center.
  • FIXED - Error when saving a Quality Center file to a new location without providing a new name.
  • FIXED - Improved logic used to determine the username/password for a default Quality Center connection when launching QTP from a startup script.
  • ADDED - Workflow Language, specified 'Action' as the default property for the 'Actions' object.
  • ADDED - Workflow Language, specified 'Field' as the default property for the various 'Fields' objects.
  • ADDED - Workflow Language, added 'ActiveModule' and 'ActiveDialogName' variables.
  • ADDED - Workflow Language, added 'AllowReentrancy' variable.
  • ADDED - Workflow Language, added 'Field.IsMultiValue' property
  • ADDED - Workflow Templates updated to support event names from QC92+.
  • CHG - Workflow Templates from QC90- renamed with "(Old)" at the end of the template name


  • ADDED - Output window is automatically displayed with Documenter output when the Documenter Wizard begins building documentation.
  • ADDED - Built-in References can now be selectively excluded from documentation using the Properties tool window when the reference is selected in Solution Explorer.
  • FIXED - Improved performance when generating documentation for individual projects where some XML processing was performed twice.

Version 1.5 (Build 4102) - April 8, 2008:


  • ADDED - New Product Walkthrough included with documentation to help introduce users to Test Design Studio.
  • ADDED - On-line Activation and Deactivation options. Those with internet access will be able to immediately activate their product without contacting support. You will also be able to deactivate your license and install it on another machine without contacting support. We never want licensing to be a burden, and hope this helps.
  • ADDED - New "Output" window to show output from various sources
  • ADDED - New 'View.Output' command added to show the Output window
  • ADDED - New 'Window.MoveToNavigationBar' command added (Ctrl+F2 default shortcut) that will move focus to the Navigation Bar of the active editor.
  • ADDED - New option on document tab context menu called 'View in Solution Explorer'. This option will highlight select the current document in solution explorer (useful when you have turned off the 'Track Active Item in Solution Explorer' option).
  • ADDED - Test Design Studio Help updated with topics on new features. "Overview" topic expanded to highlight popular features with links to appropriate topics.
  • ADDED - Clipboard Items in the Toolbox can now be moved as well as copied using Drag-and-Drop operations.
  • ADDED - 'Copy Details to Clipboard' link added to About dialog.
  • ADDED - New Office 2007 extensions *.xlsx and *.docx added to default document classes for Excel and Word respectively.
  • ADDED - When comparing files with multiple editable items (i.e. QuickTest scripts with multiple actions), switching the editable item (i.e. action) in one view will now attempt to select the same editable item (i.e. action) in the other view.
  • CHANGE - Target .NET Framework updated from 2.0 to 3.0.
  • CHANGE - Updated 3rd party controls (Actipro, Infragistics)
  • FIXED - AutoRecover information was not being included in Import/Export settings.
  • FIXED - Resolved the 'Invalid Storage Location' prompt that was displayed in certain circumstances when saving a file to the desktop.
  • FIXED - Selecting different items in the Task List with the mouse might not update the selected item.
  • FIXED - The 'Choose Search Folders' dialog used for 'Find/Replace in Files' would allow the same folder to be added multiple times.
  • FIXED - Users without security permissions to read 'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT' in the Windows Registry could not open VBScript-based files due to lookup of registered COM types for IntelliSense on the CreateObject function.
  • FIXED - Tab Order corrected on Add New Item form to provide logical navigation using the Tab key.
  • FIXED - Confirmation dialog displayed after a 'Replace All' in files operation would show behind the 'Replace All' summary dialog.
  • FIXED - Fixed exception on file dialog with processing certain special folder types.
  • FIXED - Updated error message when attempting to load a reference from a ProgID when the assembly is an unsupported .NET assembly
  • FIXED - IntelliSense would not properly convert some Interface references to the proper Class references.
  • FIXED - In certain circumstances, one file template might not appear in the Add New Item form for a project.


  • ADDED - New Build Process for solutions/projects that will perform several routine actions on your project (i.e. update documentation and (for QTP and/or WR) setup search folders, associate libraries to tests, associate object repositories to actions, build startup script, etc)
  • ADDED - New Build properties added to all projects that allow you configure how a project is built (currently only QTP projects have advanced build options, others support documentation build only)
  • ADDED - New command-line flag "-BuildProject" can be used to build the project that was also specified on the command line
  • ADDED - New command-line flag "-BuildSolution" can be used to build the solution that was also specified on the command line
  • ADDED - New command-line flag "-Close" can be used to close TDS after all command-line arguments are processed. Useful when TDS is called from a task scheduler (ideal for automating the build process).
  • ADDED - New 'TemplateData' child node 'BuildAction' added to project item templates to indicate the build action of a file ("Default", "None", or "Process")
  • ADDED - File-based project reference are now saved with relative path information that will be used to try to load the file reference if it is not present in the absolute path.
  • FIXED - Projects that referenced another project in the same solution would appear modified after loading the solution.
  • FIXED - Improved error handling when opening solutions/projects, especially surrounding Quality Center files that may no longer be accessible.
  • FIXED - When creating a new project that included a "." in the name, the text after the last "." was being ignored for the project name.
  • FIXED - In certain situations, a project reference could not be removed from a project.

Solution Explorer

  • ADDED - New 'File.OpenFolderInWindowsExplorer' command to open a folder from Solution Explorer. Similar to 'File.OpenContainingFolder' that was previously available for folders, but this will open the actual folder instead of the parent folder.
  • ADDED - You may now select multiple items in Solution Explorer that span different node collections.
  • ADDED - When you create a new file in Solution Explorer, the node for that file will now be automatically selected and any appropriate folders expanded to make it visible.
  • FIXED - If you attempt the "Add Existing File" action on a folder in Solution Explorer and the file you are adding is already under that folder (but hidden), you would receive the "File already exists" prompt instead of automatically adding that file.
  • FIXED - Performing Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete operations on items in Solution Explorer by keyboard shortcuts could cause unhandled exceptions in certain situations.
  • FIXED - When multiple items were selected for deletion in Solution Explorer, certain situations would only delete one of the items.
  • FIXED - When a project is loaded with a COM library reference that is not present on the machine, a message will be displayed to the user and the reference icon will reflect an error in Solution Explorer.
  • FIXED - Possible NullReferenceException could occur when determining the icon to use for a language reference in Solution Explorer.
  • FIXED - When dragging/dropping from Windows Explorer to Solution Explorer, QTP Tests and other folder-based files were not being properly added.

External Tools

  • ADDED - New External Tool Advanced Options added to configure output to show in the Output window as well as designate certain actions to be performed before/after executing the tool (i.e. save all files before executing). Communicate to support any desire for new commands to be added.
  • ADDED - New 'Show in Output' option on External Tools to redirect their output to the Output Window.
  • ADDED - External Tools no longer wait for the process to complete before continuing with execution.
  • FIXED - When specifying an external tool icon during an 'Add Tool' operation, the data was not being saved.


  • ADDED - Documenter progress logged to "Output" window
  • ADDED - Documenter settings added to Project Property Pages which are saved/restored with a project to avoid re-configuration.
  • ADDED - Projects Referenced by a Project are now included in the documentation of the base Project.
  • FIXED - Documenter output would sometimes link 'String' types to the 'String' VBScript function. Type lookups are now properly restricted to Classes and Enums.
  • FIXED - In certain scenarios, an error would be thrown while creating documentation when a 'code' XML tag was encountered that contained no content.


  • ADDED - Single-line XML Comments are no longer collapsed by default when loading a new file with automatic outlining turned on. Multi-line XML comments will still be collapsed.
  • ADDED - When closing/unloading a project while editors are opened, the state of those editors will be restore the next time the project is opened/loaded. This includes split and scroll locations.
  • FIXED - IntelliSense would not display in certain nested object scenarios where undeclared variables were picked up using the 'Set' keyword without explicit XML comment declaration for the class

Quality Center

  • ADDED - Quality Center "Offline" mode now supported so that you can work with locally cached Quality Center files when the server is not available.
  • ADDED - The 'Save As' process for most files (all but components) now support saving new files to the various supported locations in Quality Center. In particular, you can now save tests and other attachments to Quality Center that did not previously exist.
  • ADDED - New Quality Center properties added to WinRunner and QuickTest project that allow you to define a default Quality Center connection for a project (primarily used by Build process)
  • ADDED - New Command 'File.QualityCenterUploadAllFiles' that will upload all files from your local machine to the server
  • ADDED - New Command 'File.QualityCenterUploadModifiedFiles' that will upload all modified files from your local machine to the server
  • ADDED - New Command 'File.QualityCenterDownloadAllFiles' that will download all files from the server to your local machine
  • ADDED - New Command 'File.QualityCenterDownloadModiifedFiles' that will download all modified files from the server to your local machine
  • ADDED - New Command 'File.QualityCenterSync' that will upload locally modified files to the server and download server modified files locally.
  • ADDED - New 'Quality Center' menu off the 'File' menu that includes the new Quality Center commands as well as the commands from the 'Quality Center' context menu of files in Solution Explorer.
  • ADDED - When the 'Copy Full Path' command is executed on a Quality Center file, the Quality Center will be copied instead of the local file system path.
  • ADDED - Quality Center users can now work with files that are stored as attachments to tests in Test Plan with full support for tests under version control.
  • ADDED - Revisions of a Quality Center test can now be compared from the 'Version History' dialog provided the current file is not checked out.
  • ADDED - Quality Center can now be configured to open in QCExplorer.
  • ADDED - Solution Explorer 'Quality Center Servers' node now has 'Configure Quality Center Connections' and 'Add Server' commands on Context Menu.
  • ADDED - Improved performance of backend processing of many Quality Center-related operations.
  • ADDED - When performing 'Replace All' on Quality Center files under version control, files are automatically checked out (when possible) to perform edits. If the editors are not left open after the operation, the files are automatically checked back in.
  • CHANGE - The path of Quality Center files within the Test Plan module are now reported as "[QualityCenter]" instead of "[Quality Center]" for easier compaitibility with scripting and external tools needing Quality Center paths.
  • FIXED - Quality Center components were not properly tracking modification dates on the server.
  • FIXED - Last Modified Date for QuickTest and WinRunner scripts stored in Quality Center were inaccurate in certain situations resulting in TDS not detecting available updates.
  • FIXED - Files opened from Quality Center using Extended Storage only (not tests, components, or attachments) would not show the Quality Center menu to allow manual download/upload of files.
  • FIXED - Quality Center Connections window would not always accurately refresh connection data.
  • FIXED - When using file extension filters in the File Select dialogs, files located in Extended Storage locations were not being recognized by the filter.
  • FIXED - The same Quality Center file could be added to a project multiple times (which is not allowed) using the 'Add File' command
  • FIXED - Copying/Moving Quality Center files between projects would disconnect the file from Quality Center and treat it as a local file.
  • FIXED - File search operations performed on Quality Center files would not always process properly if the file was not downloaded during the current application session.
  • FIXED - Unable to perform a 'Find/Replace' on a Component using the 'Current Document' look in option.
  • FIXED - In certain situations during a Replace All in Files operation, Quality Center files might be uploaded to the server even though the editor was kept open without the modifications saved to disk.
  • FIXED - Quality Center Components were not being included in 'Find/Replace in Files' operations.
  • FIXED - Quality Center Version Control Check In form no longer allows "0" in the version string since Quality Center starts version numbers as "1.1.1" instead of "1.0.0".


  • ADDED - New 'File.QuickTestOpenInQuickTest' command to utilize the QTP API to open a test in QuickTest. Available only on machines where QTP is installed.
  • ADDED - New 'File.QuickTestOpenActiveFile' command on the 'File -> Open' menu to quickly open the same test/component currently open in QTP.
  • ADDED - New 'Tools.LaunchQuickTest' command added and can be configured to execute the startup script for your project when launching QuickTest instead of the built-in functionality
  • ADDED - New QuickTest properties added to a QuickTest project that allow you to configure the desired addins, search folders, and a startup script for the project (primarily used by Build process)
  • ADDED - New command-line flag "-OpenQtpActiveFile" can be used to instruct TDS to open the active QTP file on startup
  • ADDED - 'ItemTemplate' and 'NewFileTemplate' added for QTP 9.5 test.
  • ADDED - Object Repository File Viewer now has a "Non-Description Properties" group that shows all the properties stored for the object that are not currently used for basic identification.
  • ADDED - Object Repository File Viewer can now be used to open XML files for object repositories that were exported to XML without using the special built-in extensions of TSRX or BDBX.
  • CHANGE - The Item Template for a QTP Startup Script was modified to meet the new Build Process and remove the 'Test Settings' section.
  • FIXED - Object Respository IntelliSense was not properly merging multiple object repositories that had the same root object defined.
  • FIXED - Resolved possible exception with Object Repository IntelliSense when unable to export data to XML.
  • FIXED - Desktop (and other static QTP objects with common methods) may not show full IntelliSense details.


  • ADDED - 'ItemTemplate' added for WinRunner Startup Test
  • CHG - WinRunner project template updated to configure the startup test needed for new Build process.

Version 1.0 (Build 4016) - December 4, 2007:

  • ADDED - The Quality Center "Delete Object Locks" menu now has a command to delete all object locks (when more than 1 lock is present).
  • ADDED - New "Community Forums" link added to help menu to take you to the Patterson Consulting On-line Forums
  • ADDED - New "userlinks.xml" file is used to determine which links appear in the Help menu. Customize or add your own. Previous "HP Support" and "VBScript" commands removed.
  • ADDED - Detailed Property Pages now added. Currently only Project supports the added pages. Click the 'Property Pages' icon within the Property Grid toolbar to open the Property Pages for supported items.
  • ADDED - Project 'summary' and 'remarks' fields are now available for a project. The 'summary' can be accessed from the Property Grid. The 'remarks' is only accessible from property pages. Both fields integrated into Documenter.
  • ADDED - Document Inclusion can now be set for COM- and File-based Project References to control which items appear in Documenter output. This is helpful if you don't want a particular reference to appear in the documenation.
  • ADDED - You can now specify that the project XML documentation file is automatically updated each time the project is saved (via project property pages).
  • ADDED - The "Find and Replace" dialog will now only automatically switch to "Look in selection" if your selection spans more than one line of text.
  • ADDED - A new exception dialog will be displayed when any unhandled exception is thrown by Test Design Studio. This dialog will have options to e-mail support or copy the details to your clipboard.
  • FIXED - Document Inclusion was not being properly saved/restored for standard project files.
  • FIXED - Can no longer rename a project in Solution Explorer that is not loaded.
  • FIXED - All project properties are cleared and read-only when a project is not loaded.
  • FIXED - Changing the document inclusion property of a project file would not mark the relevant project as 'Modified' so that you are prompted to save changes on close.
  • FIXED - Removing a project from a solution while it is loaded would not close the editors that were active from that project.
  • FIXED - Resolved a scenario with CreateObject SmartTags that might result in unhandled exceptions or tags not being properly created.

Version 1.0 (Build 4014) - November 19, 2007:

  • ADDED - New Auto Recover feature will automatically save edited files and allow you to recover those files if the app does not shut down properly (i.e. recover work after a crash).
  • FIXED - Unhandled Exception might occur in some situations when reading certain property values for display in the Property Grid.
  • FIXED - Improved message displayed to users when opening a QTP test that has available object repositories, but the proper version of QTP is not available to read the files.
  • FIXED - Start Page would not properly display the Recent Projects list when the ampersand character was part of a file path.
  • FIXED - VBScript 'class' snippet was inserted parenthesis with the class declaration.

Version 1.0 (Build 4012) - October 31, 2007:

  • ADDED - Quality Center Connections window can now be printed and/or exported to Excel
  • ADDED - The 'Option' dialog has a new category 'Environment -> Built-in Languages' that allows you to control which built-in languages are loaded. For instance, don't load WinRunner if you don't use WinRunner and save a few megabytes of memory utilization.
  • ADDED - Since the "QuickTest.Application" ProgID references the automation library and not the object library, logic was put in place to transfer lookup of this ProgID to the object model instead.
  • FIXED - Major decrease in memory usage. Default load state memory usage cut by 60%!
  • FIXED - Unable to print directly by using the 'Print' command without using 'Print Preview'.
  • FIXED - Registry settings for language tabs were going under "Tabs\Software\Patterson Consulting", etc.
  • FIXED - Registry settings for language general were going under "General\Software\Patterson Consulting", etc.
  • FIXED - ProgID lookup from registry now removes quotation marks from registry entries before looking up file paths.
  • FIXED - NullReferenceException could occur when working with Solution Explorer if no Quality Center servers are defined.
  • FIXED - Updates to 3rd-party editor control.
  • FIXED - Inaccurate message displayed from 'Go To Definition' command in a text editor about the caret being in the wrong location. Introduced in v1.0.4010.
  • FIXED - Quality Center components within a project are now properly saved/restored.

Version 1.0 (Build 4010) - October 6, 2007:

  • ADDED - Returns information (from 'returns' XML tag) now displayed in IntelliSense Member List Description and Parameter Info Description for Methods / Properties when available.
  • ADDED - ProgID's that are defined in the registry without full paths to the TypeLib will now search the user/system path variable and the QTP bin folder.
  • ADDED - You can now "Hide" a Quality Center Domain or Project from view. Right-click the Domain/Project in server explorer and select "Hide". The "Show All Items" command on the Server Explorer toolbar can be used to toggle the visibility of these hidden items.
  • ADDED - Improved "Go To Function" capabilities for when the caret is positioned at the end of a word to use the item to the left of the caret instead of the item to the right (depending on what is to the right of the caret).
  • ADDED - Updated "Go To Function" capabilities to expand collapsed regions member definitions when navigated to.
  • CHANGE - Update to license to support more flexibility on Laptops. This will require re-activation of your software.
  • FIXED - Updated caching policy of start page news reader to always retrieve data from server and not use a local cache.
  • FIXED - Upon a new installation/upgrade of Test Design Studio, the user was prompted more than once about importing previous settings.
  • FIXED - Recent Files / Recent Projects were not always committed to the registry after being imported from a file.
  • FIXED - Updated the 'MercuryTimers.Timer' property to include the 'TimerName' parameter for proper IntelliSense and fixed issue with IntelliSense and default properties related to this class.
  • FIXED - IntelliSense was not properly resolving "InternetExplorer.Application" ProgID.
  • FIXED - The "End Region" portion of a "Region / End Region" pair was not always terminating at the end of a line.
  • FIXED - Updated processing used to reset license information.
  • FIXED - When using the "Cycle Clipboard" option, the cycled entry is not updating the system clipboard with its contents for subsequent "Paste" operations
  • FIXED - New SmartTag feature for "CreateObject" statements was causing poor editing experience on large projects. Validation routine for ProgID's has been optimized.
  • FIXED - Resolved some issues with Quality Center integration introducted with QC 9.2 support in Build 1.0.4008.
  • FIXED - Improved messages displayed when accessing Workflow Scripts while Extended Storage is not enabled on the Quality Center server.
  • FIXED - Improved messages displayed when opening some unsupported Quality Center tests when Extended Storage is not enabled on the Quality Center server.
  • FIXED - QuickTest Pro Test v8.2 template had an incorrect file reference.
  • FIXED - WinRunner and QTP tests can now be properly downloaded from Quality Center even when Extended Storage access is disabled.

Version 1.0 (Build 4008) - September 26, 2007:

  • ADDED - Default properties of classes in COM libraries are now recognized for IntelliSense. Special thanks to Tarun Lalwani for the solution!
  • ADDED - Quality Center 9.2 now properly reported on About dialog.
  • ADDED - Scripted Business Components in Quality Center can now be browsed and opened in TDS.
  • ADDED - The return type of a function/property is automatically determined when the 'Set' statement is used in conjunction with the 'New' or 'CreateObject' keywords.
  • ADDED - Updated IntelliSense for the 'Properties' class in QTP. The original IntelliSense was based on the QTP documentation that was not entirely accurate.
  • ADDED - New VBScript enum 'DayOfWeek' added to use when 'FirstDayOfWeek' is not appropriate.
  • ADDED - The 'Compile HTML Help' option of the Documenter Wizard will be disabled if the HTML Help compiler is not properly configured.
  • ADDED - When a binary Object Repository file is exported to XML using the QTP API, the 'LastWriteTime' of the file is updated. TDS now restores the 'LastWriteTime' after the export is complete.
  • ADDED - Default methods of a class are now supported.
  • ADDED - Popup for "CreateObject" function in VBScript now includes an option to display all registered type libraries on the machine.
  • ADDED - New SmartTag feature added when the "CreateObject" function is used with a ProgID that is not a recognized or loaded type library. Option allows you to automatically lookup and load that library. Hover mouse over red SmartTag indicator to get options.
  • ADDED - XML Comments can be used to force a variable to be treated as a certain type when the type returned by a "CreateObject" function is not appropriate (i.e. force identification as a COM interface instead of the specific class... useful for .NET assemblies where Interfaces must be used for IntelliSense)
  • ADDED - Added IntelliSense for QTP SystemUtil methods BlockInput and UnblockInput
  • ADDED - Added IntelliSense for QTP Reporter property RunStatus
  • CHANGE - Updated company references to Patterson Consulting, LLC
  • FIXED - Exception Handled when accessing Workflow Scripts from Server Explorer and Extended Storage is disabled.
  • FIXED - Exceptions Handled when accessing Quality Center folders in File Open dialog that require Extended Storage to be enabled.
  • FIXED - File Select dialog would stop responding when a Quality Center folder was selected that contained tests with null data in the Date Created field.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue introduced in a Build 1.0.4006 where IntelliSense would not be displayed for utility-style classes in QTP.
  • FIXED - WebXML.GetData method was not properly defining the return type as 'XMLData'.
  • FIXED - Several tweaks to the IntelliSense engine and language scoping engines.
  • FIXED - XML-based Object Repository files were not opening on machines without QTP 9.2 installed.
  • FIXED - Unable to use the "Go To Definition" command on a class when used with the "New" keyword (i.e. Set x = New MyClass).
  • FIXED - Object Browser descriptions showing 'Date Created' in unformatted output. Added 'date-created-short' and 'date-created-long' attributes to XML data used for Object Browser description to allow for easy insert of a formatted date.
  • FIXED - VBScript 'CreateObject' picker now accurately reflects all available createable classes for a loaded/referenced COM library.
  • FIXED - The Document Area of TDS was not properly sized when TDS was launched on a fresh installation, and parts of the area were hidden behind other tool windows.
  • FIXED - Cross-thread operation exceptions where being thrown during some Solution Explorer operations that needed to display message boxes to the user.
  • FIXED - Documenter Wizard would not allow you to compile again under certain situations if an error occurred during the first compile attempt.
  • FIXED - Opening an Object Repository or GUI Map in the corresponding editor and using the 'Reload' command will force a refresh of the underlying data stored in the Object Repository or GUI Map Editor.
  • FIXED - Improved Object Browser hyperlink capabilities when linking to COM interface that was "hidden" from the Object Browser by a class implementing that interface.
  • FIXED - Resolved a NullReferenceException that could happen when generating Documentation under certain circumstances.
  • FIXED - Solutions/Projects were not being fully closed when they were closed without using the 'Close Solution' command from the 'File' menu.
  • FIXED - Removed auto case-correction of forbidden VBScript keywords
  • FIXED - Exception thrown when opening an object repository containing an object with ordinal identifier type of 'creationtime'.
  • FIXED - Auto-indenting when pressing Enter within XML comments was not accurate when Block or Smart indenting was used and the XML comments did not start at the first tab stop.
  • FIXED - The 'Delete' command on the Task List would not delete a Task List Shortcut from a document.

Version 1.0 (Build 4006) - September 11, 2007:

  • ADDED - WinRunner users can now see GUI Map data for IntelliSense. Set parameter type to 'GuiWindow' to generate a Window list, or 'GuiObject' to generate an 'object' list. Use the 'objectclass' attribute to indicate a specific class of Gui Object.
  • ADDED - The XML comments auto-inserted when typing the XML comment characters before a supported item are now generated from the 'xmlcomments.xslt' stylesheet. This will allow you to customize the inserted text to suit your needs.
  • ADDED - Per-action object repositories are now available for IntelliSense on QTP Scripts without any special project inclusions. For machines without QTP available, export the "ObjectRepository.bdb" file to "ObjectRepository.bdbx".
  • ADDED - QTP IntelliSense added for .NET Addin
  • ADDED - Editor now available for Object Repository files (readonly).
  • ADDED - New Commands added the context menu of a Document Window or Solution Explorer File for QTP and WinRunner: File.QuickTestOpenPerActionObjectRepository, File.QuickTestOpenDataTable, File.WinRunnerOpenPerTestGuiMap, File.WinRunnerOpenDefaultDataTable
  • ADDED - 'Save' option now available for Find Results 1 & 2 Tool Windows to save your result data to file.
  • ADDED - When using External Tools where a project was not explicitly determined, the Project-based replacement parameters will not automatically resolve to the only project in a solution if that solution does not contain multiple projects.
  • ADDED - Support for VBScript line continuation character (_) added to properly parse data that is split over multiple lines
  • FIXED - Improved handling of IntelliSense for parameter lists
  • FIXED - InfoTip in QTP would display 'Not found in Object Repository' when hovering over class statements that were not related to the object repository.
  • FIXED - The 'const' snippet in TSL had a closing curly brace at the end of the snippet that did not belong.
  • FIXED - Non-public members were being displayed for the 'Me' keyword in a class definition.
  • FIXED - Object types were not being properly resolved for properties/methods/variables in a class when the "Me" keyword was used.
  • FIXED - Resolved issue with licensing when opening TDS via an association to a file.
  • FIXED - Collapsed text for some regions was improperly including comments from the same line
  • FIXED - Resolved instances where QTP tests were not properly initializing their languages to follow scoping rules.
  • FIXED - Hyperlinks for certain items in the Object Browser were not properly linking to the corresponding item.
  • FIXED - Non-project files opened by an external editor no longer appear in the Misc Files list of the Solution Explorer.
  • FIXED - QuickTest Test v8.2 template fixed.
  • FIXED - Task List shortcuts not restored to editors under certain circumstances and were not working properly on QuickTest Tests.
  • FIXED - Resolved issue where Object Browser layout was not being properly restored under certain circumstances.
  • CHANGE - The 'objectbrowser.xslt' stylesheet now matches the root element 'language-member-item' instead of 'object-browser-item'. If you have customized this stylesheet, please make this modification.

Version 1.0 (Build 4004) - August 27, 2007:

  • ADDED - New Command in 'View' Category called 'Object Browser Get Item XML Data'. This command, when executed, will place the XML representation of the selected Object Browser item on the clipboard for assistance in designing and customizing the 'objectbrowser.xslt' file.
  • ADDED - Project documentation will automatically add a 'cref-match-id' attribute to all nodes with a 'type' attribute to indicate the resolved object that a type refers to (if any). Works like the 'cref' attribute of the 'see' tag. If a tag contains both a 'cref' and 'type' attribute, the 'cref' attribute is used to determine the 'cref-match-id' instead of 'type'. This data can be used to create hyperlinks.
  • ADDED - Object Browser Item XML data will automatically add a 'type-member-of-id' attribute to all nodes with a 'type' attribute to indicate the corresponding 'type-member-of' node that contains details about that type. This can be used to create hyperlinks.
  • ADDED - Support QTP 'RegisterUserFunc' statements for providing IntelliSense on built-in Test Object Classes. Support for IntelliSense, Object Browser, and Documenter. The 'RegisterUserFunc' statement must be in the same library as the function definition it utilizes.
  • ADDED - 'RegisterUserFunc' and 'UnregisterUserFunc' statements now generates Parameter Member Lists for the 'TOClass', 'MethodName' and 'FunctionName' parameters based on available classes, methods, and functions.
  • ADDED - Improved performance for document parsing and IntelliSense Parameter Info display
  • ADDED - New document classes added for files with a "TSRX" extension. This extension is meant to hold Object Repository data that has been exported to XML from a binary TSR file. This allows IntelliSense for object data on machines without the QTP API available to read the binary files.
  • ADDED - IntelliSense Support for Object Repositories is now available (requires QTP installed for "TSR" files, but not for "TSRX" files holding the XML export of a TSR file). When the Object Repository data is not available or you don't use the Object Repository, you can still take advantage of IntelliSense for the syntax of the object statement. IntelliSense for non-default Addins is not available at this time. If you have a particular addin you want supported right away, contact us. For IntelliSense to work with data from an Object Repository, you must open a file that is in a project, and the relevant Object Repositories must be included in the same project. Test properties and per-action Object Repositories are not currently supported.
  • ADDED - New help topic describing IntelliSense for QTP GUI objects and the object repository
  • FIXED - File encoding detection updated for XML-based documents to use the XML declaration attribute (if available) or default to UTF-8 instead of current system setting.
  • FIXED - When saving a file with a specific encoding, that encoding was not updated with the active editor. This meant feature saves would revert back to the original encoding.
  • FIXED - Start Page was not refreshing itself after settings were imported from a file.
  • FIXED - Start Page project list was not updating as the 'Recent Projects' list was modified.
  • FIXED - When prompted to download Quality Center files that were out-of-date on the client after loading a project, the files were not being properly downloaded
  • FIXED - QuickTest Active Screen data not parsed out of files when the active screen data ran to the end of the document
  • FIXED - QuickTest Active Screen data not parsed out of files opened from Quality Center
  • FIXED - QuickTest and WinRunner scripts opened from Quality Center were not always being processed with the proper editor
  • FIXED - Application could crash in certain situations while copying full lines of text to the clipboard when the Toolbox Tool Window was closed.
  • FIXED - Web Page Documenter output would not properly open on some browsers due to format of the 'script' tag for JScript inclusion
  • FIXED - Web Page Documenter Output would not properly display the Tree view in Firefox
  • FIXED - Updated internal URL references to reflect the new Patterson Consulting web site.
  • FIXED - 3rd-party DLL update to fix issue with caret placing and the 'Up' editor command.
  • FIXED - Resolved an issue with IntelliSense Member Lists were being displayed when the caret was positioned at the beginning of the line below the corresponding item.
  • FIXED - Improved handling of Parameter-based Member Lists when displayed automatically in conjunction with Parameter Info
  • FIXED - Improved double-click handling of tree controls used in the Object Browser to avoid invalid double-click scenarios (like double-clicking the scrollbar)
  • FIXED - Fixed "View in Object Browser" command not properly looking up the item in the Object Browser and other fixes to ensure the proper item is displayed

Version 1.0 (Build 4002) - August 13, 2007:

  • ADDED - New QuickTest Enums: MouseButtons, ModifierKeys, ItemStates, ScrollOptions
  • ADDED - IntelliSense support added for standard QuickTest objects: Standard Windows, Web, ActiveX, Visual Basic. These objects are utilized using the 'value' XML comment attribute. Object Browser support is still not supported, but work is continuing.
  • ADDED - IntelliSense support added for QuickTest RepositoriesCollection utility object
  • ADDED - Improved menu/toolbar system performance. 3rd-party vendor provided a patch.
  • ADDED - Beta Theme Support. Use "-theme" command-line flag followed by a space and the theme name: VisualStudio2005, Office2007Black, Office2007Blue, Office2007Silver, WindowsXPBlue, WindowsXPOliveGreen, WindowsXPRoyale, WindowsXPSilver
  • FIXED - Reordering document tabs caused instability in the documents and could lead to application crash. 3rd-party vendor provided a patch for the issue.
  • FIXED - Renaming a project or solution did not update the Recent Projects list with the new filename.
  • FIXED - Renaming a solution only renamed the solution file and not the corresponding settings file.
  • FIXED - Object Browser descriptions for VBScript functions did not display the return type
  • FIXED - Occasional popup menu flicker resolved. Some minor flicker still present on Vista related to popup animation. 3rd-party vendor provided a patch for the issue.
  • FIXED - Mode of variables (ie. "in", "out", "inout" ) not being properly set for built-in language references

Version 1.0 (Build 4000) - August 6, 2007:

  • First Release
Patterson Consulting, LLC of Tennessee is in the process of closing and all operations will cease effective March 1, 2022. Please refer to our company page for details.