We have put together the following videos to help present a few of the amazing features you get with Test Design Studio. These videos are all hosted on our YouTube Channel.

Code Analysis

This video presents the basic concepts behind the Code Analysis feature. It will demonstrate how code is analyzed in real-time as you type, introduce just a few of the rules that are implemented, show the integrated help for each rule, and discuss how to dismiss warnings that you want to ignore.

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This video will introduce you to the powerful IntelliSense features that are available in Test Design Studio. You will see how Test Design Studio provides superior functionality compared to QuickTest® Professional with features such as support for user-defined classes, parameter-based member lists, and more detailed tooltips.

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Code Snippets

Code snippets allow you to automatically insert frequently used code that can be quickly updated to control the final output. This video will demonstrate how you can use the code snippets feature to quickly insert all the code that is necessary for declaring common elements like classes, subs, and properties. For properties in particular, you will see how modifying one part of the code snippet will cause other parts of the same snippet to be automatically updated. You will also be introduced to the Code Snippet editor that allows you to customize and/or create your own code snippets.

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This video will guide you through the basic process of using specially formatted XML-style comments to add useful descriptions to your code elements. Once you provide that information, you will see how the Documenter feature can generate Compiled HTML Help files that describe the available features of your automation framework.

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