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Test Design Studio Price List

The following table indicates the pricing structure for the different licensing models. We offer discounts for customers who purchase multiple licenses, so the cost per license depends not only on the license model but also on the number of licenses you currently own and/or expect to purchase. This means a customer who already owns one license that is wanting to buy a second license will get a discount on the second license. You don't have to purchase all the licenses at the same time, but your initial cost per license will decrease if you purchase together.

Seat License

A seat license allows you to install the software on a single machine. Anyone can launch and use the software from that machine.
License Quantity (including prior purchases)Cost Per License
1 License$1450
2 - 5 Licenses$1250
6 - 10 Licenses$1150
11 - 15 Licenses$1050
16 - 25 Licenses$1000
26+ Licenses$975

Concurrent License

A concurrent license allows you to install the software anywhere and will only limit how many people can launch the software at the same time.
License Quantity (including prior purchases)Cost Per License
1 License$3250
2 - 4 Licenses$2450
5 - 10 Licenses$2250
11 - 20 Licenses$1950
21 - 30 Licenses$1850
31+ Licenses$1750

Test Design Studio Maintenance and Support Subscription

All purchases include one full year of maintenance and support as part of the initial product license.

Maintenance and support subscription fees are due annually after the first year for continued support and updates. The cost of the annual subscription is based on the total number of licenses you own.

Seat License

License Quantity (count of all owned licenses)Cost Per License
1 License$365
2 - 5 Licenses$325
6 - 10 Licenses$295
11 - 15 Licenses$275
16 - 25 Licenses$245
26+ Licenses$195

Concurrent License

License Quantity (count of all owned licenses)Cost Per License
1 License$895
2 - 4 Licenses$795
5 - 10 Licenses$695
11 - 20 Licenses$645
21 - 30 Licenses$595
31+ Licenses$545

Our Budget Promise

Since prices and rates are subject to change, we promise that your total cost of maintenance will never increase more than 10% over the previous year for the same number of licenses. This means if your annual maintenance last year was $300, your annual maintenance for the next year could not increase to more than $330 under any circumstances.

Request a Quote

When you are ready to purchase licenses for our product, please contact sales to request a quote. Please be sure to indicate the product you are interested in, the number of licenses you need, and the licensing model (e.g. 'concurrent' or 'seat') that will meet your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I evaluate the software before purchasing?

Yes. Our Test Design Studio product download has the ability to enable a 20-day trial license that will allow you to evaluate the software. After installing the software and running it for the first time, you will be presented with a Licensing Wizard dialog. Follow the prompts to install the trial license.

Can I continue my evaluation after the trial period expires?

Yes. Re-installing the software will not activate a new trial. To continue your evaluation after the initial trial period has expired, please contact our sales department at sales@patterson-consulting.net to request a new trial.

Is maintenance and support included in my initial purchase?

Yes. The purchase price for all products includes the first full year of maintenance and support.

Can I continue to use my license if I do not renew maintenance?

Yes. You can continue to use the most recent version of the software that was available at the time your maintenance expired. You will not, however, have a license to use minor and major upgrades of the software that are released after maintenance expires.

What is a seat license?

A seat license is the right to install and activate the software on a single machine. A serial number is assigned for each seat license and must be activated to a particular machine. Once activated, that serial number cannot be activated on a new machine until it is first deactivated from the old machine.

Can I move a seat license to a new machine?

Yes, but you must first deactivate the old machine first.

What is a concurrent license?

A concurrent license it the right to use a certain number of instances of the software at the same time. You can install the software on as many machines as you desire, but the number of concurrently running instances of the application will be limited by the number of concurrent licenses you have purchased.

How is the number of concurrent licenses tracked?

To work with the concurrent license model, you must install our 'Concurrent License Monitor' application on networked server or workstation. Any installation of the software that needs to use a concurrent license will have to have access to the Concurrent License Monitor.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept checks, money orders, and wire transfers (domestic and international). We do not currently accept credit cards.

Will you accept a purchase order?

Yes. We will be happy to initiate the purchase through a purchase order. The typical payment term is NET30.