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Patterson Consulting, LLC of Tennessee is in the process of closing and all operations will cease effective March 1, 2022. Please refer to our company page or FAQ for details.

Easy Keyword-Driven Automation
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Robotic Process Automation and Functional Automated Testing designed for any skill level.
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Any Technical Skill Level

We want users of any technical skill level to enjoy the benefits of automation, so we built this tool to be easy for anyone to use. Just drag-and-drop activites from an extensive, built-in list and you have started your automation journey.

Easy Playback and Debugging

Run your process at any time directly from inside the tool. You can't always get it right the first time, so we have included extensive support for controlled playback with debugging tools to help you know exactly what is happening.

FREE Community Edition

We believe quality automation should be available to everyone, so we are pleased to offer the Community Edition of our product to qualified individuals and organizations at no charge!

Too many people have avoided automation because they thought it was too complicated. With AutoBloks, automation is more approachable than ever!

Activities are your automation building blocks

Automation is just a series of steps executed in a sequence. Clicking buttons, copying files, taking screenshots... just drag and drop these activities and others in the order you need to create your automated process.

Keyword-driven convenience

The activities in your process are clearly displayed in a keyword-driven layout showing the activity performed, any user interface element being targetted, and the data being used.

Arguments demystified

Never be confused about arguments again! You get a front row seat to the details about every argument so you can quickly make informed decisions about any data you may need to provide and how those values affect execution.

Results tell the complete story

Capture a complete record of your process execution including argument values, outcomes, execution times, and screenshots.


AutoBloks fully supports the Web environment today, but this is just the first of many. We built the tool to support multiple environments, and will be building out more environmental support soon.


Applications and environments are so varied that we know some organizations may need a little more control over their automation. That's why we have architected the tool to support extensibility.

Just the Beginning!

We are only getting started, and have many great new features planned. We could have waited to add more features before the first release, but the product is already capable of so much that we couldn't hold it back any longer. Join the AutoBloks community today, share your top interests with our responsive team, and will we grow the tool together.

See AutoBloks in Action

The following video shows how AutoBloks can be used to automate a web site and effectively demonstrates many of the marquee features of the product:

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Let us introduce you to our vision of test automation through quick, step-by-step guides that will get you started quickly and efficiently.

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Online Documentation

Need to dive into the details? Even the easiest of tools might need a little further explanation from time to time. Our online documentation is here for your reference.


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Patterson Consulting, LLC of Tennessee is in the process of closing and all operations will cease effective March 1, 2022. Please refer to our company page for details.