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Add Second Activity Call for Same Element


In the previous step, we populated the search box with our query, but have not executed the search. In this step, we will send the Enter key to the search box to trigger the search and see the results.

Send Key Activity

The Send key activity is used to notify an element that a key should be pressed. For the search box, we know that pressing the Enter key is the same as clicking the Google Search button.

  1. Locate the Send key Activity in the Activities tool window under the Element Interaction category.
  2. Drag the Activity to the Activity Calls list and drop it below the existing Set value Activity since we need to press the key after typing the query.
Since you learned how to add an Activity Call to a Process in a previous tutorial, we are not repeating screenshots for the above steps.

Your screen should now look like the image below:

AutoBloks Screenshot with Send Key Activity Call

From the image, you can see the Activity Calls list has been updated to reflect the third Activity Call to the Send key Activity. You should now be familiar with the Element and Input columns and understand that the red <empty> values indicate missing information that will be required for this activity. Specifically, we need to identify the element which will receive the key press and then populate the Key argument to specify the key being pressed.

Duplicating the Element Identification

We need to send the Enter key to the search text box where the query was entered using the Set value activity. To avoid entering the same identification over again, you can copy the value from the Set value Activity to the Send key activity.

  1. Right-click the Set value Activity and select Copy Element Identification from the context menu.
  2. Right-click the Send key Activity and select Paste Element Identification from the context menu.

The full element identification and nickname are now applied to the Send key Activity.

Defining the Key Argument

To complete the instructions for the Activity Call, we need to specify which key to send. Unlike the Set value activity that allowed us to specify any value, the Key argument only supports a limited list of values.

AutoBloks Screenshot with Argument Suggested Values Drop Down

  1. Click the Drop-Down Arrow at the end of the Key argument.
  2. Select Enter from the menu of Suggested Values. Note that when there are too many suggested values to fit in the menu at once, you may need to scroll the menu up and down by moving your mouse to the navigation arrows at the top and bottom of the menu or by scrolling the mouse wheel.

Auto Complete

If you prefer to type instead of selecting a value from a list, any suggested values for an argument will display below the text box and auto-complete as you type. Any value that partially matches the text you have typed will be displayed even if the match does not start at the beginning. Entries in the auto-complete list that start with { represent variables, and those will be discussed in a later tutorial.

Save Changes

Since you have made updates to your Process for the new Activity Call, be sure you save your changes. Remember to make sure you have selected the Document Window for your Process.

The Quick Access Toolbar is displayed above the Ribbon Command Bar with additional commands that are frequently accessed. Instead of using the Save command from the Backstage Menu, you can use the same command directly from the Quick Access Toolbar instead.

AutoBloks Screenshot with Quick Access Toolbar

Run Your Process

As you update your Process, it is good practice to frequently re-run it to make sure it still executes as expected. Go ahead and try running your updated process now. You should see it open the Google home page, execute a search, and display the results.

Patterson Consulting, LLC of Tennessee is in the process of closing and all operations will cease effective March 1, 2022. Please refer to our company page for details.