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Install and Configure AutoBloks


In this part of the tutorial, we will review how to install and configure AutoBloks.

This program is currently only available for Microsoft Windows and is distributed as a client you download and install.
To properly install this program, you must be configured as a local Administrator on your computer. If you do not have that level of access, someone with those permissions will need to install this software on your behalf.

Downloading the Installer

If you don't already have AutoBloks installed, you can submit a request to download it here.

Installing AutoBloks

When you execute the installer program, the AutoBloks Setup program will be displayed.

AutoBloks Installer Welcome Screen

Click Next.

If you receive an error message that you do not have the proper version of .NET Framework installed, refer to Appendix A below and restart the installer after completing that step.
AutoBloks Installer End-User License Agreement Screen

Review the terms of the end-user license agreement. If you agree, check I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click Next.

You must agree to the end-user license to install the software.
AutoBloks Installer Destination Folder Screen

If you want to change the destination folder where the AutoBloks client will be installed, click Change... and browse for the desired folder or type the new location directly into the space provided. This folder will be created by the installer if it does not already exist.

When you are satisfied with the destination folder, click Next.

We recommend using the default destination folder.
AutoBloks Installer Ready to Install Screen

The installation is ready to begin. Click Install to begin the installation process.

Most users will receive a User Access Control prompt asking you to confirm if you want to allow the installer to make changes to your system. You must select Yes to allow the installer to completely successfully.

The installer will now begin copying files and configuring your system.

AutoBloks Installer Completed Screen

When the installer completes, click Finish to close the installer application. AutoBloks is now installed on your system and can be accessed from the Start Menu.

Configure Internet Explorer

If you plan to run automation using the Internet Explorer web browser, there are additional steps you must perform for the automation to be able to successfully interact with the Internet Explorer browser. These detailed steps are outlined in the help topic Working with Internet Explorer.

If you do not complete this configuration, you will receive errors when you attempt to run a Process using Internet Explorer. AutoBloks will also attempt to warn you if you try to use Internet Explorer and this configuration has not been completed.

Appendix A: Installing .NET Framework

The .NET Framework is an application framework from Microsoft that provides a rich environment for desktop applications. This application is built using that framework and requires that at least .NET Framework 4.6.2 is installed on your computer. Windows 10 users should already have this installed since it ships with the operating system, but users of older versions of Windows may need to install a newer version of .NET Framework.

The installer for .NET Framework is available on Microsoft's Download Center. Please refer to the installation instructions provided by Microsoft for a list of supported operating systems and instructions on how to complete the installation.

.NET Framework 4.6.2 is the minimum version supported, but you can always choose to install .NET Framework 4.7 or any newer version as well. In fact, Microsoft recommends you always use the latest version supported by your operating system.
Microsoft changes their links from time-to-time. If the above link does not work for you or you want a non-English version of the page, use any web search engine to search for Download .NET Framework and you will easily find what you need.
Patterson Consulting, LLC of Tennessee is in the process of closing and all operations will cease effective March 1, 2022. Please refer to our company page for details.